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10x16 KAS S

Introducing new levels for broadcast productions, 10x16 KAS S 8K portable Zoom Lens will deliver excellent optical performance for 8K cameras, ensuring high resolution and contrast throughout the entire zoom range, from wide-angle to telephoto. It would be most suited for filming ultra-high-resolution images with realism, such as live international sporting events and documentary production.

  • 8K HDR Image Quality for Entire Zoom Range
  • 10x Zoom Lens for 1.25-Inch Type Sensors
  • 16mm-160mm with f/2.8 constant aperture.
With a large-diameter aspheric lens and an optimized optical alignment based on advanced simulation technologies, this lens reduces spherical and magnification chromatic aberration.The optical performance support 8K cameras that covers the entire zoom range from wide-angle to telephoto, and from the center of the image to the periphery.

New Optics in an 8K Camera Compatible 10x Zoom Lens

A multi-group zoom, and large-aperture aspheric glass enable outstanding performance throughout the zoom range.The optimized arrangement of special low-dispersion glass such as fluorite, UD glass, and Hi-UD lenses enables excellent correction of chromatic aberrations.

Special coatings and an internal lens barrel that reduces reflection, resulting in minimized ghosting and flaring, allowing users to take high-tonality images with wide color gamut and high contrast, with plenty of light passage to support HDR/WCG.

Superb Gradation HDR

HDR images offer excellent gradation, dimension and texture for image representation close to the real thing.

BT.2020 for Higher-quality Images

BT.2020 standards for 4K/8K broadcasts, has a dramatically improved color gamut, luminance, and resolution compared to BT.709 for conventional HD broadcasting. This enables reproduction of a much wider range of colors.

Telephoto and High Magnification

It maintains f/2.8 brightness across the zoom range while achieving 160 mm on the telephoto end and 10x zoom, covering a wide range of focusing distances.


Compact, Lightweight Body Offers Excellent Mobility

This lens is great for on-shoulder shooting thanks to its sufficiently light weight and compact size, weighing approx. 2.90kg and approx. 247mm in length.

The ergonomically designed grip offers an excellent feel during operation and is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, easing strain on camera operators who are shooting for long hours on the shoulder.