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    Unlisted Collection: Reinventing the art of hospitality (Part2)

    Unlisted Collection: Reinventing the art of hospitality (Part2)

    Loh Lik Peng cites commitment and the ability to Think Big as key factors in staying ahead in the game.

    A playground for adults, a venue for local art, and a home for a vast collection of vintage chairs, the unique Wanderlust Hotel fits the Unlisted Collection portfolio perfectly, yet manages to create an identity all its own. This has been a constant in every property Loh Lik Peng builds. Whether it is in Singapore or Sydney, every hotel gives guests a sense of place and neighbourhood, and does so with aplomb. In part 2 of our interview, Loh Lik Peng shared with us how Thinking Big makes a difference in the competitive world of hospitality.

    Stay committed

    Like any entrepreneur, Peng admitted that he has his own share of mistakes and failures. Lost money, lost opportunities, these setbacks can either dampen your spirit or encourage you to fight back. He believed the latter. The setbacks actually strengthened his commitment to work harder and do better.

    Now in the process of completing his first hotel in Sydney, he stressed the importance of endless curiosity. What are the competitors doing? What are the customers doing? How can you capitalise on what is happening today to create another innovation?

    Look beyond the little problems

    In the midst of running businesses and finding new opportunities, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of activity. Peng’s advice is to look beyond the little problems and continue to Think Big. As a leader, he believes in staying focused on the overall picture to realise your vision. With 6 boutique hotels, 6 restaurants and some more along the way, Thinking Big has truly made a difference in the Unlisted Collection.

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