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    Mail Management Moves Keeps the World Going 

    Ms. Helen Tan, Founder of LINs Communications Pte Ltd with the Canon varioPRINT 115

    The workspace is busy with movement: machine folding envelopes, hands slotting in paper, printers sliding out the next delivery’s details. LINs Communications Pte Ltd (LINsComm) is a two-year-old company specialising in mail management and operates internationally. Mail management involves capturing package tracking numbers and automating the process of creating a traceable chain of custody such that every step of your mail’s journey is accounted for.

    We meet Ms Helen Tan, founder of LINsComm, to get a better understanding of their work processes. They mostly work with the Canon varioPRINT 115 and Canon imagePRESS C710 printers, large industrial printers that run large volumes of print jobs by the thousands efficiently and quickly, all to ensure that your mail reaches you – intact, and in time. The Canon varioPRINT 115 is an award-winning black and white printer known for its reliability and quality, while Canon imagePRESS C710 handles a versatile range of colour printing mediums at high productivity levels.

    Helen and her team with Canon's imagePRESS C710

    What do you do?

    We do all sorts of work related to mail and process thousands of physical mails on a daily basis. Our Canon printers ink the addresses and contents of the mail depending on the type of customer we work with.

    What are some challenges you face?

    We operate on very tight timelines with a short turnaround time. It’s normal to receive mail orders by the hundreds that must be dispatched to local post centres two days later. For every mail we receive, we must ensure that the postage print identification, logo, return address, and data is accurate.

    PrintShop Mail, the software that the printer works with, helps us cater to the formats to SingPost’s requirements and simplifies this whole process. As a bulk mailer, it’s important that all our mail is able to be successfully delivered, which can only happen if SingPost is able to read the barcodes on the mail accurately.

    Why did you eventually choose Canon varioPRINT 115 and Canon imagePRESS C710 models to work with?

    I've been working with Canon for some time – since my previous company, in fact. These two printers in particular have been excellent in performance. Canon varioPRINT 115 can centralise many different functions because it works well with PrintShop Mail such that many steps like processing the data for every mail can be settled all at one click. This helps us to save a lot of time, manpower, and costs.

    Canon's varioPRINT 115

    The Canon imagePRESS C710, on the other hand, suits our needs for fast printing as it can print up to 70 prints per minute. We use it heavily for one of our regular customers who prints high volumes on A5 carrier sheets every day. It was natural that we gravitated towards Canon imagePRESS C710 that can meet all these needs.

    Canon's imagePRESS C710

    How do the two different types of printers help your company’s different products & services?

    They give us a competitive edge when it comes to differentiating our business. We cannot afford to stop printing because of the sheer amount of prints jobs coming in and going out every day. Having two different types of printers helps us stagger the printing output since we print a variety of products, such as letters with duplex printing, window and non-window envelopes, long banners up to 1.3 metres in length, and envelopes ranging from DL to C4 sizes. In this industry, not every company has the means to keep using mass production printers unless they have the volume to justify its costs.

    As such, when it comes to costs, we can offer more competitive rates to our customers because we work only with Canon varioPRINT 115 and imagePRESS C710. We know exactly how much the Canon models print and their costs of operation, so we can increase our printer usage to its maximised potential and offer our customers better rates with greater cost savings.

    A snapshot of the team behind LINs Communications Pte Ltd

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