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    A Focus on Customer Experience -  When Business is Well-supported, Business Can Be Simple.

    Darien Lim, Director of Business Imaging Solutions (Market Engineering) on Left. Michael Chin, Marketing Manager of Business Imaging Solutions on Right.

    In the current competitive landscape in Singapore, how do we set ourselves apart from the rest? We sat down with Darien Lim (Director of Business Imaging Solutions) and Michael Chin (Marketing Manager of Business Imaging Solutions) to understand their take on the importance of customer service experience and how their team has led the way with good and efficient service recoveries for customers.

    Can you tell us more about Canon Service Commitment 123 and what it stands for?

    Canon Service Commitment 123 is about delivering industry-leading after-sales service and support to our customers through improved customer experience, efficiency and reliability. There are three main initiatives: 1-Scan Service Request, 2-Hrs Response Time, 3-Month Device Exchange Policy.

    With the introduction of 1-Scan Service Request, users can now skip waiting on the line for a customer service representative to attend their call by simply scanning the QR code label on the copier to submit their service request in 3 simple steps. Key in their particulars, select request type and submit. It’s really fuss-free!

    Once a customer has submitted their request, we want to ensure that we reach our customer swiftly to help resolve their issues and minimize any downtime. Thus, we commit ourselves to ensure a fast 2-hours on-site service response time.

    The 3-month Device Exchange Policy rounds up the Service Commitment 123. With this, customers can exchange their Canon Multi-functional Device (MFD) for a new unit, should it not perform up to the listed product specifications. This policy guarantees that Canon will provide an exchange within 3 months from date of installation, so as to provide our customers with the assurance of our product reliability.

    In short, it’s about making service requests simple, providing fast response time and ensuring a peace of mind with our device quality guaranteed.

    Why is service excellence so important?

    In Canon, we focus not only on the physical products and solutions, we also emphasise on being service-oriented, leaving a good impression and feeling for our customers. We strongly believe that providing service excellence to our customers will give us a significant advantage in differentiating ourselves from others, helping us to achieve better customer loyalty and win new businesses in this extremely competitive environment. Our current business successes are due to the Technology and Solutions, as well as the Services provided to our customers.

    What do you think sets Canon’s services apart from the competitors?

    With a strong culture, Canon is a company that prides ourselves in our dedication in establishing a brand that is core to our corporate slogan “Delighting you always”. To delight our customers, we ensure that our after-sales team demonstrates competency, courtesy and responsiveness when interacting with internal colleagues and our external customers. To further improve ourselves, we also conduct Automated Post Service Surveys to gather customer feedback, and that helps us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. For those areas where we need improvement, we would contact our customers immediately, hear them out on what are some of the challenges they are facing, and aim to be the best at solving them quicker and more efficiently with better results. These are the extra miles we are committed to do, to differentiate ourselves from competitors.

    Has COVID-19 changed the way the service team works, given that many customers and even your staff are working remotely from home?

    Yes, definitely! During COVID-19, most of our customers are working from home but we still do provide support to our customers in essential businesses to ensure their printing devices are in good working conditions. Personal hygiene and safe measures are of key importance so we make it a point to comply with many of our customers' strict safety protocols during the visits to their offices when performing service calls, as that ensures the safety of our customers as well as our staff.

    Our service team also stayed connected using video conferencing solutions. This ensured that all members are kept up-to-date on the latest updates and upkeep our team cohesion.

    Response time, quality and ease of use with scanning — why are these the three main areas of focus?

    In order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction level, we have to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to provide the best user experience. That’s why these are the three key focuses in Canon Service Commitment 123 for our after-sales service.

    For example, when there is a need to request for services, we need to ensure that users are able to reach Canon with ease. That is why we introduced the innovative 1-Scan Service request where users can simply scan the QR code on the copier and submit their request, thus skipping the waiting time on the line for customer representatives to attend their call.

    Fast on-site response time is important, too, because customers would want to have their issues resolved quickly so they can focus on their core business. So we’re constantly trying to reduce the overall waiting time, from the moment where a service request is submitted to the time where our engineer’s arrive on-site. That’s our top priority in our field operation.

    Now, that leads to our last area of focus on product quality and reliability. We provide the 3-month device exchange policy because we want customers to use our product with confidence and a peace of mind.

    How has the current Canon Service 123 system helped to ensure good customer service? What’s the difference from before?

    At Canon, we are always finding innovative ways to improve our work efficiency and serve our customers better. With the use of QR Code technology and our Canon eBusiness Portal platform, we have developed the 1-Scan Service Request to allow an alternative way for customers to reach us even more conveniently, instead of the conventional method of calling a contact centre. We have also enhanced our Advanced Mobile Field Service System to help us identify the nearest field engineer closest to customers, so our engineers can be allocated to them within 2-hours of response time.

    A Canon Service Engineer in action

    Are there any positive customer service stories or experiences that have stood out the most to you?

    We have had a lot of positive feedback from our customers saying that our Engineers are friendly, proactive, have strong technical knowledge and are willing to go the extra mile to assist them. One of our customers commented that our Engineers not only attended to the machines that required servicing, but he also went around the office to check on the other machines and ensure they are performing in optimised conditions. These are the dedication and commitments our engineers have to achieve high customer satisfaction.

    What can customers look forward to from your team?

    Our after-sales support team, regardless of the field Engineers or backend administrative support, we are always looking at ways to improve our work efficiency and skill training. This allows us to focus and serve our customers better and faster. Last but not least, look forward to being greeted by our friendly field Engineers with big smiles when they visit your office!

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