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    Why Print is Still Relevant

    Why Print is Still Relevant

    Is there a place for print in the digital age? One may call the history of print as a long-drawn one (pun fully intended), but there are plenty of factors showing why there is still value in print, particularly through content continuity, higher levels of engagement, as well as its physicality.

    Here are some reasons why print is still an important medium in today’s society:

    Print has fewer distractions

    Remember the last time you were perusing legal documents on your laptop and got distracted by an email that came in? The medium of digital content is often bombarded with distracting advertisements and pop-up ads, and multiple tabs and applications running in the background are constantly competing for your attention. With print, these distractions are less striking, allowing you to engage with the material more productively.

    You learn better when you read with print

    With fewer distractions, print can also help you learn better. Studies have shown that students recall information better reading print media as they read passages more slowly and carefully, as compared to skimming through words on digital devices. Print is also less taxing on your eyes and discourages multitasking, letting you immerse yourself in the learning material at hand. Furthermore, reading with papers and books caters for a more aesthetically pleasing experience, allowing you to “feel” and “see” the text coming to life.

    Print preserves memory

    Print media can also appeal to the personal. Photographs create sentimentality when you revisit these printed memories, and advertisements from your favourite brands stand out more on print as compared to scrolling through a digital interface. These tangible materials heighten sensory interactions, and the additional sense of touch may compel you and your audience to be more responsive to such images – research has shown that by appealing to your audience through three or more senses, brand impact and engagement is likely to increase by more than 70%.

    ​​​​​​​Reliable and functional in today’s day and age

    With cloud applications and digital PDFs available anytime and anywhere, you’d think that print will soon go obsolete. But digital media requires electricity, and prolonged exposure to a screen can induce headaches. From car rides to long flights, having a hard-copy in front of you helps fill in the lull between appointments and sharpens your focus on the topic matter.

    ​​​​​​​Despite the proliferation of digital media, it is apparent that there are exclusive benefits to print media that companies and individuals alike should not overlook. As such, it is important to choose the right equipment for your printing needs. Consider Canon’s new multi-function imageCLASS printers, which do more than just print – they maximise your resources and streamline your workflow within a reasonable budget. These reliable tools ensure that print will find a fitting place in our digital evolution.

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