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    5 Ways to Encourage Effective and Positive Teamwork

    5 Ways to Encourage Effective and Positive Teamwork

    Every company values a good team player, but it’s naturally tricky to strike a balance between differing opinions and working styles when working with others. How then can one ensure an overall boost in productivity and efficiency? Whether you’re a leader or a team player, these 5 tips will give you an idea on how to make your next team project go smoothly and more effectively.

    Ensure a Clear and Synchronised Goal

    A different mix of characters and attitudes within a team can make things messy fairly quickly. To avoid such a situation, it’s necessary to ensure that everyone’s goals are aligned. Fast Company claims that “to move toward one direction, people need to clearly understand the destination.” Expectations should be clearly communicated, with restrictions being adequately addressed. This will help to ensure that every individual has a clear understanding of the team’s goal, and how to effectively work towards achieving it. Indeed, according to Mr. Vincent Low, doing so will also allow the leaders to “lead with consistency and purpose”, acting as a “source of direction” in times of conflict.

    Delegate Effectively and Set Clear Deadlines

    At the start, it’s imperative to recognise that every team member will have something to bring to the table. In this light, it’s recommended to appoint a leader who should assess each individual’s strengths and delegate roles accordingly. Doing so will help to prevent confusion as to who is doing what; giving specific tasks to each team member will also ensure that everyone is doing their part. As stated by Mimeo, each member will feel as if their contributions correlate directly with the team’s success, boosting overall team morale. This can also stem from encouraging team members to take ownership of their respective parts.

    Utilise Cloud or Web-based Platforms

    One sure-fire way to get everyone on the same page is to enable easy access to working documents for each team member. Instead of working on offline decks, utilise cloud-based technologies such as Canon’s Therefore™ Online for easy collaboration among team members. Such information management systems help organisations work smarter with all information stored securely in the cloud, allowing members to make and view changes in real-time while enjoying easy on-the-go access. This, according to HRcloud.com, will help to eliminate lengthy email correspondences and reduce the time spent on meetings getting everyone up to speed.

    Hold Regular Brainstorming Sessions

    One perk of working in a team is the ability to brainstorm with, and bounce ideas off team members. By rallying together to tackle a problem, team members are able to benefit from each other’s expertise and knowledge. As stated by Management Study Guide, a brainstorming session can also prompt team members to think out of the box and explore solutions they otherwise wouldn’t have thought of by themselves. In fact, Huffington Post suggests that another benefit of regular check-ins is the opportunity for team members to assess and eliminate processes that don’t provide value, as well as allow everyone to feel involved in the project.

    Incentivise and Celebrate Success

    There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing one’s efforts come to fruition. Inc. claims that “teamwork is built on the success of individuals” – celebrating the successes of any team member shows confidence in the team, motivating others to do the same. After all, in any team project, any achievement is but the sum of the efforts of every individual. As declared by Mr. Vincent Low, such a celebration will also help to bond the team, providing a good time to recharge and learn from each other. Has your team recently concluded a campaign or hit a milestone in a big project? Break out the champagne and celebrate this momentous occasion!

    Keep these 5 tips in mind for a more cohesive and productive experience – learning how to work well with one’s teammates can indeed be more beneficial than most employees can imagine. For more business-related solutions, follow Canon Singapore on LinkedIn!