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    Yusen Logistics Singapore: The Secret to Smooth and Efficient Logistics Management

    Yusen Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd is a provider of freight forwarding and supply chain solutions and services, focusing more on air-freights, ocean-freights and contract logistics. With over 500 employees and seven different locations across our island alone, the success of Yusen Logistics certainly is commendable.

    What’s their secret to efficient, effective internal logistics and how do they ensure that their processes run smoothly? We sat down with Mr Peter Tan, Senior Manager, Admin Department, General Affairs Division, Yusen Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd to find out how Canon plays a part in their daily operations.

    What are the solutions from Canon that Yusen Logistics is currently using?

    We are currently using Canon printers that come with the uniFLOW software solution in our offices; the main bulk of our Canon office equipment is located in the head office at Changi South.

    Print is very important in our day-to-day operations; we churn out hundreds of invoices and packing lists every single day, it is the bread and butter of our business! As such, equipment speed, reliability and after-sales support is of utmost importance. Besides being able to print quickly, uniFLOW helps us to reduce costs and make our business more green by reducing print waste.

    Prior to using Canon, were there any challenges?

    There were some challenges when we switched to Canon but it was nothing that the Canon service team could not fix. We are very grateful for the excellent customer service rendered, as well as the expert advice given that was tailor-made to each of our location’s requirements.

    How satisfied are you with Canon’s service?

    We are delighted to say that Canon’s equipment and service excellence exceeds all of our expectations. In fact, we’ve been with Canon since day one and we have grown alongside the brand too. The team never fails to inform us about possible equipment upgrades that we can employ to further boost business productivity and scale our processes to greater heights.

    One memorable instance was the setting up of new machines to be switched over without compromising on our current operations schedule as much as possible. Canon helped to make the transition smooth and seamless without any breakdown, and also provided extremely good technical support during and after the implementation of the machines. I just really want to thank the Canon team for their amazing support!

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