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    XMI Pte Ltd – Barry Choo (Part 1: The Idea)

    XMI Pte Ltd – Barry Choo (Part 1: The Idea)

    Sometimes, great business ideas can be found right under one’s nose, or in Barry Choo’s case, next to his ears.

    As one of the creators of the highly popular X-mini capsule speakers, Choo has seen his nifty product sell in the millions worldwide. The idea behind it is a simple one – that portable speaker solutions don’t have to compromise on sound quality.

    The origins of the X-mini capsule speaker began in 2006 when Choo and his business partner, Ryan Lee, were brainstorming ideas for their new start-up. Little did they know their big idea about a small speaker would be a massive hit with music-lovers everywhere.

    In Part 1 of the Think Big interview, Barry Choo tells us the story behind the X-mini capsule speaker.