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    Trading Up with Canon Business Solutions

    Trading Up with Canon Business Solutions

    In the trading floor environment where things need to be done fast yet stay stable and secure, it is crucial for companies to have the right technologies in place, so as to ensure smooth workflow and high efficiency.

    This is especially the case for the energy and commodities industry, where profits may hinge on a single second. Businesses cannot afford to leave papers with sensitive information lying around, or be tied down by trivial matters like replacing empty toner cartridges.

    Thankfully, by making the switch to Canon’s business solutions, our business customer specialising in oil and gas now enjoys greater peace of mind when it comes to print matters.

    We sat down with Colin L., IT Manager and Head of his department, to find out more about how Canon’s range of solutions has helped them overcome operational challenges and significantly improve productivity.

    What were some of the most common workflow challenges faced within the company before adopting Canon solutions?

    Before engaging Canon, our multi-functional devices were not standardised. We had a mix of models from different brands, which meant that there were many different brands of consumables as well. If one device broke down, it was very tedious to trace its warranty – sometimes we could not even be sure if all our multi-functional devices were under warranty.

    Furthermore, it became very difficult for us to manage the toner inventory and keep operations organised. Ordering toners posed a very challenging task. Because of the different brands and models, we needed many different sets of toner models on stand-by. I had to work with a number of vendors in order to make sure we had ample stock for every type. Our expenditure on toners was very high as we always ordered a lot more than was required.

    How has Canon’s range of solutions help to overcome these challenges?

    With Canon, we now use only two models of printers: the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5560 and C356i, thus standardising the type of consumables in our office. Gone are the days of having to meticulously collate and go through spreadsheets of the various printer models and their toners. Working with Canon has helped streamline our business processes greatly. Operations have become much easier to manage and workflow processes are more efficient. Moreover, with Canon’s e-Maintenance system, toners get delivered to us before they run out.

    The implementation of Canon’s uniFLOW solutions has also enhanced security, which is vital in our line of work. Previously, the lack of security for print-outs was a major concern. Our traders would sometimes leave sensitive documents in the paper tray, allowing anyone to be privy to confidential information. With uniFLOW solutions, our traders are required to key in a security pin before printing. This has greatly improved security levels.

    Besides this, efficiency has also improved as documents no longer go uncollected. Not only do we save on toner ink and paper, but it is also an important step towards reducing wastage and doing our part for the environment.

    What attracted you to work with Canon for your printing needs?

    Firstly, we were thoroughly impressed by Canon’s showroom. It showcased their range of products well and the service staff provided a comprehensive explanation of how they could benefit us and improve our workflows. That was one of the main reasons why we even considered working with Canon in the first place.

    Secondly, the products proved to be the best in the market. We did a rough a comparison between Canon and various competitors, and the quality and colour vibrancy of Canon’s outputs stood out from the rest. As we were looking for a reliable printing platform, Canon’s uniFLOW solutions proved itself to be a stable system, which also played a key role when making our decision.

    Can you share some positive experiences you have had with the Canon frontline staff?

    During the implementation of uniFLOW solutions, some of our staff members were initially resistant to the change as they were having some trouble getting used to the software. However, Canon’s team went beyond their scope of work by working closely with us to help get everyone on the same page. With the help of the Canon support staff and project technician, the transition to this new system was seamless and our employees were appeased. Even though the deal has since closed, the Canon team still continues to extend help to us whenever we require it.

    In all, the roll-out of the multi-functional devices and the uniFLOW solutions went very smoothly. Canon’s staff did a good job in coordinating the implementation of these solutions, and I am extremely satisfied with the service. We have achieved zero complaints – a rare sight in a company of traders, who can be among the most demanding of customer service standards. Canon’s business solutions have certainly exceeded our expectations!

    More information on Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE series and uniFLOW solutions is available on our product page.

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