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    Think Big Case Study: Starting Small at Kiddiwinkie

    Think Big Case Study: Starting Small at Kiddiwinkie

    Learn how Canon’s projector technology aids experiential learning at the KiddiWinkie Playhouse.

    Nurturing Young Minds Creatively

    The Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse has been around for more than 15 years and yet it remains young as ever. With students’ ages ranging from as young as 18 months to 6 years old, Kiddiwinkie has been hard at work in delivering quality care and education through holistic nurturing of each child. As a growing business, the Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse shares the same enthusiasm for lifelong learning as the little kids it teaches. It is constantly evolving as it searches for more innovative ways to create a nurturing environment.

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    School director Matthias Koh shares that at Kiddiwinkie, children enjoy the benefits of experiential learning, free from the confines of a traditional classroom.

    This is manifested in the design of the school, with ample spaces for kids to roam, play and discover. Kiddiwinkie helps kids realise their creative pursuits. No matter how young they are, with proper support and guidance, they are able to achieve their kiddie dreams.

    Kiddiwinkie may be a place for small kids, but is a place where thinking big is highly encouraged. Matthias believes that as a concept, “Think Big” is of utmost importance. He says that in fulfilling goals, those who dare to Think Big always have a better chance at victory. It is an important mindset that entrepreneurs and growing businesses like Kiddiwinkie must keep.

    Teaching with Canon Technology

    Part of Kiddiwinkie’s Think Big strategy is to use technology in teaching, as it is an important driver in the learning process. Through technology, teachers are able to tap into the latest resources, now more commonly found in the web and the digital space, and bring them into the Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse. With more resources readily available, teachers can focus their attention on connecting more with the child.

    Canon’s projector technology is also very important in Kiddiwinkie’s method of teaching. Projectors are physically mounted close to the wall to prevent teachers and students from bumping into them, or casting a shadow. Clarity of images also heightens the learning experience and makes it more immersive with exceptional colours and crisp intricate details.

    The Canon dual projector set-up in the school, together with a special curved wall and superb sound contributes to the theatre ambience, excellently capturing the attention of highly active kids. Matthias says, “it is Canon’s technology at its peak”, commending its ability to make an otherwise challenging audience pay attention to what is being projected.

    A Thriving Collaboration

    Kiddiwinkie and Canon share a common passion for putting its customer in the centre or focus of all its efforts. For Kiddiwinkie, it is preparing its students for life through learning. For Canon, it is providing its business customers with solutions that continually enhance productivity. Together, their collaboration brings about results that future generations will truly benefit from.

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