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    Think Big Case Study – Conqueror Printing Services LLP

    Think Big Case Study – Conqueror Printing Services LLP

    Learn how Ca​​​​​​​non’s large-format printer helped make a big impact on businessman Edwin Chia’s printing business.​​​​​​​

    Humble Beginnings

    You may be shocked to hear that when businessman Edwin Chia started Conqueror Printing Services, he only achieved $150 during his first month of sales.

    Attributing this to a lack of experience and knowledge of the printing industry, coupled with not having proper knowledge of design software, it was definitely a tough start for him. He recalled, “I remember my first customer… it took me awhile to convince him because we were new then and he didn’t really trust us.”

    Yet Edwin persevered and fortunately, business gradually picked up for him as the months progressed.

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    A Major Turning Point

    Despite his business improving, growth was hardly spectacular. That was when Edwin decided to venture into large-format printing. And choosing Canon to be his business solutions provider was definitely the right choice.

    “They (Canon) taught us how to use the machine, what are its benefits so Canon is one of the brands that has served us very well,” Edwin said.

    He added, “Most large-format machines (of other brands) only come with four colours but Canon’s machine has 8 colours, enabling it to bring out the vibrancy of any printing.”

    In fact, the first customer to try his newly purchased large format printer – a friend of Edwin’s who was a professional photographer – was so impressed with the print quality of a banner he had requested made, that he recommended Conqueror Printing Services to his other photographer friends as well.

    From there he recommended quite a lot of his friends. We even have families taking (and printing) their family photos because we do not charge them extra,” Edwin explained.

    The Next Challenge

    With business picking up much faster since he began offering large format printing, Edwin was faced with his next big challenge – growing the company. As more and more orders were received, Edwin realised that he needed to expand his team and to have production run all through the night.

    “That was when I decided to employ Mr. Ahmad. Although he had no experience, I promised him that I could give him a brighter future and we showed him the ropes,” he said.

    Looking Ahead

    In addition to growing the team, Edwin was proud to announce that Conqueror Printing Services recently launched its website, enabling it to “sell products 24-hours-a-day”. The company has started seeing an increase in business as a result of its online presence.

    Canon’s Strong Support

    Regardless of the size and nature of business, Canon has always been and will continue to be a business solutions provider for entrepreneurs like Edwin Chia, empowering them with the right tools to succeed. After all, even the biggest companies had to start small.