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    The Chain Reaction Project: Changing the World One Adventure at a Time (Part2)

    The Chain Reaction Project: Changing the World One Adventure at a Time (Part2)

    Since 2009, Zhang Ting Jun has been leading The Chain Reaction Project (TCRP) and encouraging individuals and corporations to take part in fun adventures for various causes.

    From building homes in the Philippines to creating gardens in Timor Leste, TCRP has come a long way to promote various causes and advocacies. In Part 2 of our interview with Zhang Ting Jun, she talks about staying motivated, continuing efforts, and future planning for The Chain Reaction Project.

    Plotting the Future

    After having achieved considerable success for their past efforts, the next challenge for TCRP is how to grow their organisation. Ting Jun talked about the importance of determining up to which extent they must expand their efforts, while staying true to the group’s original mission of combining adventure, fun, and social engagement.

    Intrinsically interesting, TCRP activities are bound to attract a wide spectrum of people, and along with the value of compassion they promote, being a Catalyst is an idea that will always be relevant to society. TCRP volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and persuasions, including the youngest members of society. Currently, one of TCRP’s Catalysts is an 8-year old boy who is set to run a half marathon for a cause he is passionate about.

    Spreading the Chain

    For someone who is constantly exposed to the ills of the world, Ting Jun has had her own share of doubts, especially with regards the projects they do. Are they good enough? Relevant enough? Big enough? While they may not provide an answer to every problem in the world, Ting Jun knows that they can take small steps to make the world a better place. She knows that the most important lesson about being a Catalyst lies in constant improvement, that good can be better, and that every project provides an opportunity to grow.

    Thinking Big is about knowing that small changes will effect big changes in the future. For Ting Jun and the Catalysts of TCRP, Thinking Big is believing that making an effort (no matter how small) can create a positive chain reaction.

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