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    The Chain Reaction Project: Changing the World One Adventure at a Time (Part1)

    The Chain Reaction Project: Changing the World One Adventure at a Time (Part1)

    Former National Netball player for Singapore and producer with Channel NewsAsia, “Catalyst” Zhang Ting Jun co-founded The Chain Reaction Project (TCRP).

    When they run, they run to promote peace. When they climb mountains, they climb to end malnutrition. And when they engage in business partnerships, they do so to build homes. In Part 1 of our interview with Zhang Ting Jun, she shares how the Catalysts of The Chain Reaction Project (TCRP) promote social responsibility while engaging in adventure.

    Starting the Chain

    What happens when adventure, fun, and social engagement come together? You get The Chain Reaction Project (TCRP). Director and co-founder Zhang Ting Jun, along with her adventure-loving girl friends, have united just a few years ago to become Catalysts in effecting positive changes in the lives of others. A non-profit organisation founded in 2009, TCRP has raised over half a million dollars for various causes that benefit people from some of the world’s least-developed countries.

    Ting Jun, the group’s official spokesperson, confessed that TCRP has gone through some unique challenges in its relatively short history. A small organisation with big dreams, one of TCRP’s biggest challenges when it began was convincing people to believe in the big idea: in the power of the chain reaction. How can cross-country biking, joining a marathon or climbing a mountain lead to promoting health and social issues or even building homes and communities?

    Bound by Common Goals

    Ivy Singh, owner Bollywood Veggies, and friend and mentor to Ting Jun, believed in the ideals of TCRP. Having known Ting Jun for a long time, she also believed that her passion and talent could help bring TCRP to success. One of the group’s earliest benefactors, Ivy helped jumpstart TCRP and played a very important part in Ting Jun’s venture into social entrepreneurship.

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