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    Success in Sushi with Sakae Holdings’ Douglas Foo – Part 2

    Success in Sushi with Sakae Holdings’ Douglas Foo – Part 2

    Getting big was a goal that Sakae Sushi was able to achieve in a few years. Sustaining this success and making room for fresher ideas are challenges that CEO Douglas Foo continues to face on a daily basis.

    From its flagship store at Wheelock Place, Sakae Sushi has ventured beyond Singapore. In Part 2 of our conversation with Douglas Foo, he shares with us the innovations that keep Sakae Sushi on top of its game.

    The Sushi Innovator

    While the food business may be a very viable industry, Douglas, along with his team still encountered many challenges along the way. Having started the business at the height of the 90s Asian crisis, Sakae Sushi had to offer so much more than just sushi. Sakae Sushi revolutionised the dining experience by making the food go the customer. Douglas says that innovation is not necessarily about technology.

    It is more about doing what works. Sushi in a conveyor belt, a proprietary interactive ordering system, and more innovations make dining at Sakae Sushi an experience like no other. As iconic as the green frog that symbolises the restaurant, Sakae Sushi is known for the ease and convenience by which customers can order their food.

    On to Bigger Challenges

    With more than 250 restaurants all over Asia, the challenges for Sakae Sushi today are even greater. Constant communication is essential to ensure that the brands’ vision is well understood by everyone. One of the ways they do this is through a monthly breakfast session, where representatives of various departments get to share and listen to each other’s experiences. By coming together, they are able to reinforce their belief in the Sakae dream and work hand in hand to maintain the spirit of innovation in everyone.

    The Next Step

    Sakae Sushi realises the value of investing in human capital and has begun training future associates. Scholarships are offered to students who want to start young in their future career with Sakae Sushi. The workforce clearly plays an indispensible role in the success of the brand.

    A Coming Together of Big Ideas

    An interesting restaurant that serves quality, healthy, Japanese food at value for money prices – it’s no wonder Sakae Sushi is well loved by many. Borne out of the desire to satisfy most customers’ needs, it is an amalgamation of kitchen smarts and strategic thinking. Thinking big, thinking global, and taking the steps towards making a common big dream come true, Douglas and his Sakae team continue to conquer the world; one leap at a time.

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