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    Sompo Insurance Singapore: Print Management & Security with uniFLOW

    Sompo Insurance Singapore: Print Management & Security with uniFLOW

    For over a century, Sompo Holdings has remained a trusted, established insurance and risk solutions provider in Japan. In the local scene, Sompo Singapore, a member of Sompo Holdings provides commercial and personal premium insurance since 1989, as a part of brand name now in over 30 different countries and regions.

    Since the year 2012, Sompo Singapore has seen a few major shifts in the brand operations – mergers of three companies enforced growth and further development in Sompo Singapore’s performance and progress.

    “We have 300 staff members now, and we’ve gone from 9 to 16 copiers over the last year, almost doubling the number of them to streamline our workflow to a single brand. Canon uniFLOW solution has provided us with the secure platforms we needed.”

    Mr. Michael Tan, Manager of the IT Service Delivery department at Sompo Singapore, shared his perspective on the magnitude of the change in its workflow operations that has come about.

    Why Canon?

    In our daily operations, we experience high print volume, such as policy renewals. At the point of merger, we had a few brands to go with, but Canon was the only one that offered secure printing with the implementation of uniFLOW. In comparison to other brands, uniFLOW is the best fit for the requirements we have. So that makes going with Canon looked like a logical choice.

    How would you say your experience has been with Canon so far? Any major issues since the implementation?

    We haven’t had any major issues. Whenever we’ve asked for assistance in servicing, the Canon after-sales service staff sort it out for us within the agreed response times.

    We used to have an issue with lag-times that bothered our workflow processes, but the migration from physically processing confidential records to automatic storage via uniFLOW has fixed that problem.


    Have there been significant improvements to your workflow processes since?

    Right off the bat, we’ve saved a lot on budget and time after adopting Canon’s services into our fleet. Along with that, the after-sales service support has helped us save a tremendous amount on operating expenses.

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has been strict with IT security regulations, and security in confidentiality is always going to be a key factor in making decisions as Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) has also taken effect.

    Sending print jobs to the limited printers and copiers shared over two floors has caused a lot of wastage in terms of papers left unattended to. Canon’s uniFLOW solution enables us to now send print jobs any printers within users’ proximities, and that turned out to be our first step towards eliminating wastage.

    How important is it to have the right products and tech?

    I would say highly essential to have specific solutions catered to our needs – secure platform and resolving paper wastage office. Canon uniFLOW is an appropriate and necessary solution to that we faced. We are now equipped to handle confidentiality material such as client private details confidently.

    Find out more information on Canon’s uniFLOW solution designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to the organisation here. Also, follow us on our LinkedIn page for more case studies of our satisfied customers.