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    Sompo Insurance: Discovering Efficiency with Canon

    Established in 1961 as a general insurance company, Sompo Insurance Singapore is a member of Sompo Holdings. Today, it has a team of 270 employees and provides trusted insurance and risk solutions to over 150,000 customers from various lines of businesses. Managing massive amounts of documents on a daily basis, Canon’s wide range of solutions have helped SOMPO to effectively and efficiently meet their business needs.

    We sat down with Mr. Lim Koon Chai, CIO of Sompo Insurance Singapore to delve deeper into their long-standing relationship with Canon and how this has helped them to better serve their customers.

    How has Canon helped?

    Working with Canon has helped to ease document management on our end. As we work with clients from different businesses on a daily basis, any mistakes and downtime typically bear financial loss. With Canon’s proactiveness and top-notch service, it has definitely helped us to respond better and faster, enabling us to protect our customers and what they truly value in life.

    Are there any memorable moments while working with Canon?

    We have a great relationship with Canon as they continually provide us with quality service for years on end. In general, with Canon’s solutions, we have managed to reduce many of our challenges, which I am very thankful for.

    As an insurance company, we deal with claims and have massive amounts of paperwork around our office. Typically when we face an issue regarding operations, you will see our staff in a scramble, either struggling to print or managing the piles of documents. However, the proactiveness and always-ready-to-help mindset of Canon’s service engineer, Roberto, gives us a sense of calmness that we embrace with open arms. He takes prompt action to resolve our issues and gives us peace of mind whenever we encounter issues.

    It’s with this top-notch service provided by Roberto and the management staff at Canon that enables us to collectively work on our clients’ well-being efficiently and effectively.

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