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    SIM: Learning How Business Can Be Simple with Canon

    As Singapore's largest provider of private tertiary education and professional training, the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) requires a robust and efficient print system to ensure that their students receive a world-class education – without any trivial inconveniences, such as paper jams, to hinder their pursuit of knowledge. This proved to be a tall challenge; spread across a huge campus spanning over 9 hectares, the institute needed all their printers to be in perfect working order 24/7.

    Thankfully, with a dedicated service team and the help of our dependable resident engineer, Canon rose up to this uphill task. Mr Tommy Koh, Director of Information Technology Services at SIM tells us how their institution has been well-supported with Canon on board.

    What were some difficulties you faced before engaging Canon’s services?

    Before working with Canon, we didn’t have a specific supplier for our print solutions – we used devices from different brands. This proved to be a problem administratively as it was very troublesome to keep track of the supplies that we needed.

    Due to our large campus space, there were many smaller printers scattered across faculties and offices. Managing inventories of consumables and parts for the various printer models was a logistical challenge, leaving some of our printers unusable until we could get our hands on their replacements.

    These problems made us realise that we needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage our print devices and solutions.

    Why Canon?

    For us, it was the most cost-effective choice. Canon has convenient multifunctional devices that meet our various printing and scanning needs, helping us to be more productive. The print quality is also very good, whether they’re black and white or coloured print jobs. We were also able to easily manage and monitor printer usage across the campus with their solutions. It was also a plus having a resident engineer stationed at our campus to help us resolve the occasional printer problems we may face. Canon offered us a truly great all-in-one solution.

    ​​​​​​​How is your experience with our service team, especially with our Resident Engineer?

    Having a resident engineer was one of the best decisions we made after engaging Canon as our partner. The engineer is quick to help us with any issues and also conducts regular maintenance and checks. In fact, we have almost no downtime on our print devices!

    Our Resident Engineer has also proven to be a very reliable and trustworthy guy. He does his job well so that our faculty, staff and students don’t have to worry so much, knowing that our printers are always available and working when we need them. Business really can be simple with Canon!

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