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    Pekanbaru Shipping: Embracing Service Excellence with Canon

    Pekanbaru Shipping: Embracing Service Excellence with Canon

    As an esteemed player in the marine industry, Pekanbaru Shipping Pte Ltd carries out a diverse range of activities in Southeast Asia. With most of its shipping activities centered in Singapore and Indonesia, the company has consistently grown in size over the years.

    Providing supply chain solutions across the maritime and cargo industry, the company aims to be the world leader in maritime and cargo services. We had a chat with Erlina Teo (HR & Finance Manager) to find out what they look for in a service provider.

    Why Canon?

    Erlina: I first got to know about Canon through one of their salespeople. She was very patient in explaining Canon’s offerings and their benefits, even going the extra mile to analyse how Canon can help in my business operations. She did not give me any stress throughout my decision-making process and I liked this approach. Also, Canon presented a set of solutions within our budget that offered great print quality.

    What stands out the most about Canon?

    Erlina: I would say that Canon’s level of service excellence impressed me the most. Whenever I had any issue, all I had to do was to call the Canon helpline and a service engineer will drop by within a short timeframe. The service engineer would not only fix our printer issues, but also take the time to go through the problem with us and outline the steps needed to resolve our problem. He would sometimes even go the extra mile to clean and check that all our machine parts are working!

    In minor situations where a visit by the service engineer is not required, a Canon staff will teach me (very patiently!) over the phone on how to solve my issue. Canon’s staff is also incredibly friendly; this level of amiableness makes each interaction with Canon very pleasant, and I feel that I can approach them anytime with any problem. With the help of Canon, I’m able to resolve any issue within the shortest amount of time, which is also integral to boost our overall efficiency and productivity. It feels like I’m part of their team, and any difficulties are solved through great teamwork!​​​​​

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