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    One Realty: Document Management Made Simple with Canon

    One Realty: Document Management Made Simple with Canon

    Printer problems and misplaced documents are the last things any real estate company wishes to encounter. Indeed, there are high stakes and little room for error when dealing with important documents containing property and land complexities.

    For One Realty, the answer to organised, efficient document management was straightforward and easy – hear what Cecilia Phua, Office Manager of One Realty, has to say about Canon’s partnership with her company.

    What attracted you to partner with Canon for your office solutions?

    Cecilia: When it comes to business solutions, Canon is one of the key players in the industry. We were actually deliberating between three established companies but were impressed by Canon’s prompt and speedy replies, which helped us expedite our selection process. Their efficiency was one of the major factors why we decided to partner with the brand.

    How do you think we fare as compared to our competitors?

    Cecilia: Canon’s hardware and software are among the best but one key point that made the brand stand out from your peers is the printer’s area designation feature. With this feature, I just need to scan my documents into the photocopier and select the areas that I need, which will be digitised and stored easily into my computer system. This process is much more efficient and convenient as compared to the manual methods that I had to do previously.

    Besides this, Canon’s service is also beyond compare – I am pretty much helpless when it comes to anything IT, but Canon’s service staff and Helpdesk are always helpful and very patient in answering my many questions. Their step-by-step guidance is extremely constructive, and our whole company is constantly learning new things from them. They have definitely made the transition seamless and much easier for us.

    Could you elaborate more about your experience with the Canon Service Team?

    Cecilia: Whenever the service staff pay their regular visits to clean and check-up on our printers, they always have a smile on their face. come to clean and check-up on our printers, always with a smile. Their friendly and cheerful personality makes them very endearing to us. Besides this, they are also focused on the job that they came to do, which they often execute efficiently and effectively. They don’t go around chit-chatting or wasting time while servicing the printers. When they encounter a problem that they cannot solve by themselves, they will get help, always ensuring that our machines are in tip-top condition.

    There was one incident that I remember clearly – we had just moved back to our office after renovating and I wanted to configure one of our printers to use as my own dedicated office printer, as I had to handle a lot of documents after the shift. Due to our existing complex network configurations, this process was very difficult and the service engineer spent many hours trying to fix this problem for me, even staying past his office hours. In fact, he even enlisted the help of a colleague who was around the area, and through teamwork, they eventually solved this problem for me.

    The Canon service team really do have their customers’ welfare at heart, and we appreciate all the long hours they put in to tend to our every request. It’s like when you play the lottery and win – for us, we hit the jackpot with Canon as our trusted partner!
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