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    Happier Mums and Babies in a Stress-Free Haven

    Kai Suites Pre and postpartum Care Centre (Kai) is a sprawling but quiet haven along Dunearn road. The lobby is sweetly scented, reminiscent of a luxurious ryokan. It’s unsurprising, since it’s named Kai Suites. Mr Kevin Kwee, co-founder of Kai and Singapore’s first luxury recovery centre after child-birth, humbly gave us a quick tour around the 20,000 sq feet facility without disturbing his guests.

    The purpose behind Kai, he begins to explain, is to help mums who have recently given birth have a more relaxing space for confinement. Their in-house expertise, food therapy and auxiliary services underscore the trust that their babies are being taken care of in the best possible way. So where does a company like Canon come in?

    How does Canon Singapore’s digital capabilities play a part in Kai?

    To answer this question, we first have to understand why Kai exists. Our business model of a luxury pre and postpartum care centre might be somewhat unusual to some, but the core of it seeks to provide ease to mums who have just given birth and entered the confinement process. This is the trying period where mums face a lot of overwhelming stress; they constantly have to attend to the baby’s crying, while some are learning how to breastfeed the right way for the first time. The truth is that mums often neglect their own well-being during confinement.

    Our priority is both mums and babies’ well-being. To alleviate mum’s stress of looking after their baby 24/7, we wanted to build a separate nursery that mums can monitor remotely, even across different rooms. In fact, this was how Canon Singapore came to be an essential part of our business from the very beginning of Kai’ conceptualisation.

    Canon Singapore introduced us to Axis Communications’ Camera, which is capable of streaming high-definition real-time footage through the AXIS Camera Station app. It was easy to attach an individual camera to the ceiling above each baby’s bassinet in our nurseries and set up the software. With the app, even family members overseas can access the camera’s livestream if they are given the access password to see how the baby is doing. Being able to see how the baby is feeling in real time gives everyone a sense of reassurance and an overall happier confinement period.

    To give our guests the best possible experience, we also use Agent Vi’s cloud-based video analytics software - innoVi to assure them of their safety and security.

    The AI-powered software is linked to our AXIS 360-degree camera and scans live footage to alert us on threats. The earlier we can detect these events, the faster we can respond to maintain a comfortable environment for our guests.

    Canon Singapore, as an experienced system integrator, understood our requirements and recommended us suitable technologies based on our needs. We might not have known about Axis network cameras or Agent Vi’s innoVi if not for Canon!

    Another essential part of our business is the kitchen and food therapy. We have in-house chefs that prepare food that is nutritious, delicious, and suitable for mums during confinement. The Axis cameras allow us to monitor the food preparation process, track where our chefs are spending more time, and introduce time-saving measures to help them become more productive – like planning split shifts based on the observed peak timing, or helping them fine-tune their food preparation process. It is important to us that we complete the same amount of work in less time since our kitchen staff work long hours. If we can help them improve their work, why not?

    What is important to Kai’ success?

    Trust. Mums have to trust us that their babies are being taken care of in the best possible way in order to relax with our services like spa, massage, and nutritious food. We face a lot of anxious mothers who want to provide the best for their child, but mums also need to be taken care of, and Canon Singapore comes in here as an essential bridge.

    While we want to give mums the space to breathe and relax, we don’t want mums or the family to miss out on the babyʼs first few days. With the high-definition camera livestreams, we create so many magical moments.

    The ease of accessibility with the camera and the app is especially useful now during the pandemic, when you have family members who cannot cross the borders and can only rely on technology to see the baby. The relatives even take screenshots from the camera livestream to share the photos among their family chat groups.

    How does Canon Singapore help Kai go further when it comes to digitising and optimising your business?

    We are able to be very lean yet effective when it comes to our security team. All the footage is centralised, and the state-of-the-art technology ensures that we catch every unusual activity that might compromise the security and comfort of this home facility.

    We also utilise other features of Canon’s solutions partners like innoVi (Agent Vi’s AI- powered video analytics SaaS) email notification system to help us improve our response times and make the compound safer for both mums and babies in real-time. Moving forward, the hope is to continue embarking on our digital transformation journey and streamlining operations, which will ultimately save costs and free up manpower such that we can better focus on hospitality and improving the Kai experience.

    Canon has been rapidly adapting their business to encompass the 3Ds: Digitisation, Digitalisation, and Digital Transformation. We provide end-to-end solutions for our customers and are the trusted partner of many businesses that adopt technology solutions. By using technology to simplify business complexity and challenges with our expertise in infrastructure, application, automation and cybersecurity, our customers can also enjoy an increasing array of technological features, thereby improving their businesses and productivity.

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