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    Indoguna Singapore’s Digitalisation Journey to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Industry

    Since 1993, Indoguna Singapore has been at the forefront of the food and beverage industry, sourcing the highest quality chilled meat and providing them to our food service and retail customers in Singapore and beyond.

    Over the past 20 years, the sales numbers have grown exponentially as they continued to service many restaurants and hotels in six different countries. And with that came its own set of challenges as the company sought to relook at their business processes, and find viable solutions to cope with the growing demands of their business.

    We spoke with Mr. Jeffrey Teng, Manager of Customer Service at Indoguna Singapore, to learn more about their business challenges and how Canon’s digital solutions have helped their team to achieve better business productivity.

    What were some of the common pain points and workflow challenges that your team faced, prior to the adopting of Canon’s business solutions?

    Working in the food and beverage industry as an importer and distributor of quality meat to restaurants in Singapore meant a high volume of order fulfillment on a daily basis. The hardcopy documents of the orders we receive then require a lot of storage space. With the huge volume of hardcopy documents and manual filing required, this has caused documents to either go missing or unable to be located. This gets cumbersome and time consuming, especially when we need to scour through stacks of documents to retrieve the right copy upon customer’s request.

    Understand you have implemented software like Canon’s Therefore™ for document management. How has it helped you with the challenges your team faced?

    Document retrieval used to be a challenge, especially when we needed to provide a “certified true copy” for payment collection. With the high volume of orders and emails each day, which can go as high as 1000 emails a day, it becomes harder to track with such volume. On top of that, we also had issues with stained and missing hardcopy invoices which resulted in us not being able to collect payment.

    At times, there would also be disputes with our customers over remarks written on the documents. However, with Therefore™, and integrated with SAP, we are now able to capture documents in their true form, before and after delivery. With Therefore™, we could scale the document solution according to our business needs. Files and documents from different sources could now be stored electronically, indexed and archived for easy retrieval.

    By including pre-defined rules based on the requirement of our team, we are able to capture and save the information we need on our documents through a fully automated process. This has helped us to ensure that the billing information is always readily available.

    Overall, the retrieval of e-invoices, settling of payment, as well as the archival of department certificates in the library have become a lot smoother and seamless with Canon’s solutions thus improving the productivity and speed by 6-7 times over the last 2 years of usage.

    Jeffrey Teng, Manager of Customer Service at Indoguna Singapore

    In your opinion, how important is it to have the right technologies in place and what was the deciding factor for you to choose Canon?

    For us, having the right technology is just half the battle won. It also takes having the right attitude and approach towards such technology to make it work. Canon has made this transition for our staff smoother through the relentless support from their sales and after-sales team during the difficult times. This has made adoption of the technology easier and we truly value such support. The proof of concept that we were presented with was a lot stronger as well, as they were able to customise the solution according to our specific needs, and that gave us the assurance we needed in a business partner. We believe very strongly in building strong bonds and relationships amongst our partners who are willing to journey with us through the good times, as well as the uncertain business situations.

    How was your customer service experience with Canon?

    At Indoguna, we firmly believe in our tagline “Only the best is good enough”. This is a value we instil in our team and we see that same value coming through from the customer service provided by Canon. Overall, the experience has been pleasant. We understand that everyone is experiencing resource challenges during these trying times, and we appreciate Canon for being responsive to our requests. The service team was always quick to address any urgent issues we might have within the same day. The knowledge and experience of their service team, along with the meticulous work, have been very helpful for us. Their proactiveness gives us greater confidence to carry out daily activities without the additional worry.

    If you would like to find out more about our business solutions and how it can be implemented in your organisation, visit us here for our document management and print solutions.

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