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    Case Study: Singapore Bowling Federation

    Case Study: Singapore Bowling Federation

    Bowling has always been a popular form of sport and recreation in Singapore. When the first public bowling centre opened its doors at Jackie’s Bowl Orchard in 1965, there was a 12-hour waiting list of curious members of the public, eager to try their hand at the new sport. The ensuing years saw a bowling boom in Singapore, with bowling centres cropping up in neighbourhoods across the island.

    Even though there are fewer bowling centres today, the sport itself still retains its appeal.

    A New Home

    Recognised by the Singapore National Olympic Council and Sport Singapore, Singapore Bowling Federation (SBF), or Singapore Bowling for short, is the main authority promoting the sport and nurturing new talent. This October, SBF opened a brand new 38-lane bowling centre at the Temasek Club along Rifle Range Road, making it the largest bowling facility in Singapore.

    To SBF’s national bowlers, however, the centre is more than just a fancy new facility.

    “We’ve never had a place we called home,” said Jazreel Tan, champion of the PWBA Lubbock Open 2015. “We were always moving around, all over Singapore.” Fellow national bowler New Hui Fen, the winner of the 2016 PWBA Smithfield Tour Championship, added, “Everything is more convenient [because] the meetings are here, the office is here. If we need to settle [anything], we can do it all.”

    A Brand New Look

    At the official opening, the centre showcased 19 Canon XEED Projectors on site, which really brings the bowling venue to life. Shirley Wong, the centre manager in charge of running the facility on a day-to-day basis, tells us more.

    Q: Why does the new bowling facility require that many projectors?

    A: We are more than just a bowling centre! For example, we use the projectors during community or corporate events. If there is an event happening we can project images or videos. If there is, say, a travel show, the event organisers may want to project travel destinations across the venue. It is a purely aesthetic decision to have them installed.

    Q: Before adopting the Canon projectors, what were some of the major pain points or issues that the organisation faced?

    A: The obvious point is that most bowling facilities do not have this many projectors. We used to have to manually set things up on our own, and had to find suitable spots around various venues. Even then, usage was fairly restrictive. After adopting the 19 projectors, all we have to do is to turn them on, and the visuals will be projected across all 38 lanes. If it is a crowded corporate event, this just makes things a whole lot simpler.

    Q: How did the projectors help SBF become more productive?

    A: Before we had the projectors, the organisers had to print banners out, bring them to the centre and then manually install them. Obviously, this is not the most practical option. With the projectors, all they have to do these days is to send us a high-resolution image, and we can project it straight onto the walls. It cuts down the logistical costs.

    Q: What attracted you to Canon’s projectors in the first place?

    A: The main reason we decided on Canon’s XEED WX520 projectors is that they are able to project brightness of up to 5,200 lumens at WXGA+ resolution, all while maintaining the sharpness and colours of the visuals. For such a big space and the ambience we want to create here, we feel that Canon’s offerings make the most sense.

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