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    Case Study: Kreative Labs

    Case Study: Kreative Labs

    Kreative Labs is a Singapore-based printing firm that specialises in highly customised printing solutions for clients — and we are not just talking about your usual run-of-the-mill printing jobs either. Kreative Labs is able to print on anything from high-end teak and plywood to acrylic and metal. If you have ever come across, say, cool-looking signage at the neighbourhood bar or showroom, it may have been this company’s work.

    Heavy-duty work requires heavy-duty machines. Ever since its inception, Kreative Labs has been using Canon’s Oce Arizona Large Format UV Flatbed Printers. In fact, so specialised is Kreative Labs’ work that their Oce Arizona 460 GT printer is the only one of its kind in Singapore.

    Here, we speak to Boren Ang, the Business Development Manager at Kreative Labs to find out the challenges of operating such a machine, as well as how it enables the company to achieve business success.

    Q: What is your day-to-day role at Kreative Labs?

    A: My responsibilities include pitching to clients from various industries and educating them about the technology and customisation options we offer. I also invite them to view our office and showroom from time to time. Part of the business development process also involves coming up with new ideas and creative solutions that add value to business. For example, we often have to print on unfamiliar materials unseen in the market. So we have to overcome those issues to enhance customer experience and create the “wow” factor.

    Q: Why did you choose to go with Canon’s Oce Arizona Large Format UV Flatbed Printers?

    A: As a startup, our operations are kept as lean as possible. We are able to target corporations with highly customised projects with low quantity requirements, and not many commercial printers can do that. With Canon’s Oce Arizona printer, we are able to fill in this market gap by printing almost any colour needed, including white and decorative varnish, without any minimum quantity requirements.

    Q: Has Kreative Labs experienced any challenges over the years? How did Canon help to overcome those challenges?

    A: Canon’s Oce Arizona is a relatively new technology originally developed in Europe. In fact, it is the only one of its kind in Singapore. As with most new technology, there were technical aspects about the machine even the local team was learning about. What we appreciate about Canon is that they have operations worldwide and we are constantly able to receive technical support from their experts based in the regional offices. I must say that Canon has been very helpful when it comes to problem solving.

    Q: Can you recall an instance in the past when Canon’s service really made a difference?

    A: I remember Canon flew down some experts from China and Hong Kong with extensive knowledge about the Oce Arizona. They were brought in to answer all the questions that we had. When they were stationed here in Singapore, many of our issues were resolved without us having to go through the arduous process of trial and error. This saved us considerable time and effort.

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