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    Building a Food Paradise with Eldwin Chua (Part 2)

    Building a Food Paradise with Eldwin Chua (Part 2)

    Paradise Group CEO Eldwin Chua knew that to make his name in the F&B industry, he needed to make sure his restaurants stood out from the competition.

    In just 10 short years, Eldwin Chua has transformed his 3-man operated cooked-food business into a regional restaurant empire. But don’t expect him to rest on his laurels yet. While he has achieved great success, Eldwin recognises that his biggest challenges still lie ahead of him.

    In Part 2 of his Think Big interview, Eldwin shares with us how he sets his restaurants apart from the competition and how to stay motivated in your business.

    Stand out for success

    It’s easy to think big in business, but what’s more important is having the ideas to back it up. Eldwin Chua realised this early on in his career and started looking for a successful formula to give his business an edge.

    This led to the creation of dishes such as Paradise Dynasty’s coloured xiaolongbao (steamed buns), which comes in foie gras, black truffle and Szechuan flavoured varieties among others. It was a big hit with local foodies.

    By opting for unique restaurant décor, such as Paradise Dynasty’s rustic theme, and wallet-friendly price points, Eldwin made sure his eateries stood out from other Chinese establishments better known for their bright finishes and pricey menu.

    Staying motivated

    Eldwin has undoubtedly experienced many highs and lows in his decade-long career, but being able to stay motivated has enabled him to tide through difficult times. He explains that it’s crucial to possess a never-say-die attitude in business; because when you do, every problem becomes a challenge to be overcomed.

    But Eldwin cautions that entrepreneurs should not act rashly; they must be sensible about their actions. The smart entrepreneur should only take calculated risks and work at a pace he or she can cope with.

    What the future holds

    Few would disagree that Eldwin’s career has been a successful one thus far, but the man himself feels he still has a long way to go. The dream, Eldwin says, is to have everyone in the world dine at one of his restaurants at least once.

    A bold wish perhaps, but you can be sure Eldwin will be doing all he can to work towards it. Until then, local foodies can look forward to more crowd-pleasing culinary concepts from his Paradise Group of restaurants soon.

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