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    Ban Choon Marketing: Comfort in Change with Canon’s imageCLASS LBP253x

    Ban Choon Marketing: Comfort in Change with Canon’s imageCLASS LBP253x

    With an extensive range of organic fresh produce and non-food products, Ban Choon Marketing’s claim in becoming Singapore’s leading importer and distributor of organic products came about with change.

    Tried-and-tested traditional methods involving conventional dot matrix printers were taking too much of a toll on efficiency and the environment. Mr. Yoann Chew, Brand & Trade Marketing Manager at Ban Choon Marketing, holds the portfolio of brand management – from aspects covering trade marketing, to the budgeting of profits and losses.

    “Common workflow challenges include the occasional dysfunctions of the printers, that include paper jams, as well as the employees’ use of the printers that are not the most efficient and environmentally friendly. Monitoring the usage of paper and printer has always been a constant challenge.“

    Canon imageCLASS LBP253x
    Canon imageCLASS LBP253x

    Canon’s imageCLASS LBP253x came as a prompt and necessary improvement to Ban Choon’s workflow processes that saw a lot of loose ends and wastage.

    “In our organization, we have a huge paper usage footprint as most of our tasks involve printing of documents, invoices, and even reports. We hoped the right technologies would fill in the gaps within the workflow to ensure higher productivity.”

    Sure enough, the imageCLASS LBP253x presented itself with features that provided immediate reprieve to the bedrock of Ban Choon Marketing’s workflow, by bringing about increased efficiency and productivity.​​​​​​


    The critical improvements included an exponential increase in printing speeds. Whereas initially used dot matrix printers are so slow that their print speeds are measured at characters per second, the much speedier imageCLASS LBP253x supports a rate of printing 33 pages per minute. Coupled with that is the imageCLASS LBP253x’s Auto-Duplex Print feature, a considerable improvement to the dot matrix printer’s single-sided printing capabilities that in turn will save the paper used in printing.

    Speed and efficiency, whilst being the foundations for success with any business, were not the only aspects that sought and found comfort in change. Security features that previously didn’t come with dot matrix printers, ensured imageCLASS LBP253x’s success. For example, its ability to register up to 300 staff IDs goes on to ensure added control over its print jobs and a more secure manner of keeping up with paper wastage.


    Change, of course, while threatening to be the only constant, doesn’t come about that easy. Mr. Chew expressed his delight at the choice of Canon for Ban Choon’s decision to take the step forward into digitalization.

    “Technology soothes the hiccups within daily workflow processes in the organization – with regards to printing, be it invoices or reports. Canon products have an excellent reputation and the products speak for themselves when we use them.”

    Canon’s imageCLASS series portrays a class of excellence , gaining an edge in print productivity with quick print speed and professional quality printing. For more information on this series, visit our imageCLASS product page.

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