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    An Imprint of Success at RGS ReproGraphics

    The RGS ReproGraphic Solutions Pte Ltd headquarters thrum with machine printing. The brightly lit office and spacious layout gives a modern and young impression, a well-maintained room of print calls and echoes. Mr Rhys Holding, CEO and owner of the company, works closely with the construction and publishing industries in producing scans, drawings, books, and digital printing. Having started operations in Las Vegas, Nevada and expanding to Singapore in 2001, they have established themselves as a company here to stay in the competitive reprographics landscape. The company’s wide scale of operations across sectors means business can be busy even on weekends. Thankfully, with a dedicated Canon service team and reliable Canon equipment such as the varioPRINT 115 and imagePRESS C910, RGS comes out on top in the race against time.

    Tell us what your business is like.

    We mostly print construction drawings for the Architect, Engineering, and Construction sector. This includes large and small format printing in black and white or colour printing for items such as magazines, books, and presentation books. 

    What are some challenges working with this sector?

    Deadlines can be tight when it comes to the construction sector as they need their documents by a certain time after sending it to us. This is when we really rely on our Canon equipment to be fast and reliable so that we can deliver quality work in time. It’s normal for clients’ expectations to increase over time, thus it’s always a constant challenge to keep up with the challenge with innovation and better service. But we’re not daunted – though our clients may work with budgets and can be price-conscious, we take it as a challenge to rise up to. We are always working on delivering quality products for affordable rates and improving our service in general. 

    How has Canon helped with your challenges?

    We are only a business with our printing capabilities; improvements in Canon’s technology help us stay competitive within the industry. The increased processing speed on our varioPRINT 115 and imagePRESS C910 goes a long way, especially when we’re on a tight deadline. For instance, it now takes 5-10 minutes to send out a print job instead of 15 minutes. If we have requests that come in at 11.30am and the client wants it by 12pm, these 15 minutes go a long way in giving both sides less stress.

    More importantly, Canon helps us just by being reliable. Even if there are technical issues that crop up with our printers, they’re the usual standard wear and tear issues which are easily fixed. Since our staff find Canon easy to use, this gives everyone an easier time working with the equipment and makes for a more enjoyable working experience.

    As always, we’re appreciative of how Canon’s technicians make the effort to come down even on Saturdays. We do have a long-standing relationship, but with the pandemic affecting our business, small acts like these remind us that a business relationship doesn’t always have to be transactional. It can be as simple as giving a helping hand.

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