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    MoneyFM 89.3 “Business Forward”: How Business Can Be Simple with Canon Singapore

    MoneyFM 89.3 “Business Forward”: How Business Can Be Simple with Canon Singapore

    At 10 in the morning on 26 March 2018, Mr. Vincent Low (Director & General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions) and Mr. Lan Chi Fei (Senior Manager for Solutions and Strategy Planning, Business Imaging Solutions) made an appearance on MoneyFM 89.3 to share how business can still be simple with the right strategies and tools. Here are some of their insights. You can also listen to the podcast here.

    With over 40 years of expertise partnering with local companies and MNCs, Canon has had the privilege to see how the business landscape in Singapore has transformed, particularly making its move towards digitisation. The exponential evolution of technology can be a complex and daunting process for many businesses. It is crucial to have the right strategies and tools in order to stay afloat in a time of disruption like this, particularly for SMEs.

    Adapting and thriving in the increasingly digitally-inclined business landscape doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Mr. Lan Chi Fei highlighted that Canon’s range of solutions aim to help customers streamline their processes by understanding their core business operations – this allows companies to focus their time and energy on more important tasks. With this paradigm shift, businesses are able to tap on this digital wave to be more sustainable and profitable.

    A narrow perception on digitisation is that can be very costly. However, Mr. Lan Chi Fei suggests otherwise: SMEs should actively consider the benefits they can get by investing in these solutions. Identifying pain points in a business’ daily operations and devoting capital to streamline these processes can increase savings in the long-run, which is what will help to improve their bottom line.

    With this in mind, Mr. Vincent Low explains how Canon’s “Business Can Be Simple” philosophy can help businesses in five key aspects: Security, Vibrant prints, Efficiency, Dependability, and Cost-management. As many SMEs do not have access to in-house expertise, it is crucial that they identify their digital needs with a trusted partner. This is where Canon comes in – the five pillars aim to aid SMEs to streamline any inefficiencies, ultimately aiming to improve their productivity and profit margins.

    Mr. Vincent Low understands that the process of migrating towards the digital scene doesn’t happen overnight. Here, he provides words of wisdom to all SMEs with the intention to digitise their operations:

    Work with a trusted partner – companies should take a holistic approach towards digitisation and invest in multi-functioning tools, but it is also important to have a credible after-sales service so as to maximise the use of these tools.

    1. Listening to employees and their buy-ins – bosses should be aware of their company’s core competencies, particularly from their employees, and identify places where digitising can enable employees to do better.
    2. Working towards small changes – companies should not act rashly; there is no need to overhaul the company with big and impulsive decisions. Embarking on a journey towards digitisation requires baby steps that have been thoroughly thought through.
    3. Be rational – don’t jump on the digital bandwagon just for the sake of it. Companies should first heed the advice of a trusted partner after they have evaluated and proposed strategies to meet present and future needs.

    With our corporate philosophy of kyosei, Canon aims to help spread the awareness of how business can truly be simple in our digital age. Sharing this vision with a wider community, we aim to be a partner to help both SMEs and MNCs achieve greater success as a community.

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