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    The Women of Canon

    Women are an integral part of the Canon team. With a plethora of initiatives across our global offices to ensure that our colleagues are given equal opportunities according to their abilities, irrespective of gender, Canon Inc. is dedicated to promoting and supporting women, making sure their voices are heard.

    That is why this International Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on our female colleagues. Their talent and hard work undeniably contribute to the success of the Canon brand, but it’s their unique personalities and passion that bring us together as a family. We spoke to a few of our peers from our local office about their job, achievements, and how Canon’s corporate motto kyosei plays an important role in their lives.​​​​

    "My role is pretty vast: I do inventory management and financial reporting for the company, provide analytical support to the various business units to aid in their decision making, and I’m also serving on the Staff Recreation Club committee. I have many areas to learn and new skills to pick up, so I am eager to learn and serve in the company! Besides this, Canon also provides a culture of friendly and caring people; warm colleagues and understanding bosses make for a great work environment, which is why Canon is a superb place to work in!"

    Yeo Shu Fang
    Senior Executive, General Ledger and Treasury Division

    "Every day presents an interesting challenge, making me a stronger person at work and home. I am able to handle any situation with the support of understanding bosses and reliable colleagues! Canon has been a reliable workplace that offers great work-life balance. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to progress over the years alongside a trustworthy team. That’s what makes me proud to be in the Canon family!"

    Vijaiyaletchimi D/O P.R.
    Manager, Domestic Planning Division

    "Working at Canon has instilled in me a sense of commitment to my responsibilities, motivating me to work with my colleagues towards a common vision."

    Chen Swee Ping
    Supply Chain Management

    "I play a hands-on role in helping our business teams come up with practical solutions for a myriad of legal issues. Each day presents new scenarios and problems, which makes my job exciting and fulfilling. Besides warm colleagues that make for a friendly working environment, there’s also a genuine spirit of cooperation within the company. Kyosei is deeply rooted in our corporate culture, a reminder that we are all a part of the Canon community."

    Jolene Lim 
    Legal Counsel, Legal IP & Regulatory Division

    "With a supportive and balanced office environment, work blues aren’t a thing for me. Canon truly has a positive work environment, caring colleagues and a healthy work-life balance!"

    Gan Teng Teng 
    Senior Officer, Finance & Accounting Management Division

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