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    How Canon Tackles Data Security

    How Canon Tackles Data Security

    By Vincent Low

    In the information age, having proper business security measures, particularly data security, is essential to running an organisation. Businesses need to ensure that confidential information does not end up in the wrong hands.

    As someone who is in the industry that provides document security to our clients, we take this issue very seriously and make it a point to constantly review our security processes and systems. Canon has also developed technology across hardware and software that we have implemented internally in our office.

    These are three Canon business solutions we use internally.

    1. Canon Network Visual Solutions

    To start off, our technology is utilised the moment you enter into our office! Canon’s powerful series of network solutions is planted throughout our office. A combination of decades long of world class optics as well as the latest networking technology. We are honoured to say that Canon has a powerful series of existing resources to create solutions that is able to transmit and record high-quality video image.

    Combining Face Detection and Tracking Technology, Canon’s Profile Analyzer allows us to monitor and track activity of incoming visitors. The tool provides administrators with the requisite data of our visitors which gives us an added level of insight and security.

    How Canon Tackles Data Security

    2. uniFLOW

    Print jobs sent remotely may be collected at that printer by someone else, even if it is by accident. The amount of print activity in an MNC work environment like ours means there is a risk of having a confidential printout ending up in the wrong hands.

    As such, we utilise our uniFLOW software solutions for all our in-house printing requirements. uniFLOW is an output management solution that provides control over printing, copying, scanning, and faxing across an entire print fleet. With uniFLOW, when someone sends a print job to the printer, the job is held centrally on the print server & released only upon user authentication at the device.

    uniFLOW also has a secure audit module allows administrators to trace all previous activities done on Multi-Functional Devices, so you know who is printing what, and how many copies.

    3. Therefore™

    Again the sheer volume of documents present in a large MNC means that printed, confidential material may be misplaced and misused. To help us with our document management processes, we use Therefore™.

    How Canon Tackles Data Security

    Therefore™ information management software enables companies to store, manage and process all kinds of business information electronically. This eliminates the risk of physically losing confidential documents. Administrators can also oversee and configure access rules and restrictions for individual users. This allows company information to be stored efficiently, economically and securely.

    Having experienced and used these products on a daily basis gives me the confidence to share them with our business partners and clients. If you want to find out more about out Network Solutions, uniFLOW and Therefore™, contact us here.
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