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    Getting to Know: Mr. Peter Lim, Engineer, Corporate Service Division

    Getting to Know: Mr. Peter Lim, Engineer, Corporate Service Division

    A Feature of Canon’s After-Market Support Team

    A typical case file on a lawyer’s desk could go on for over a hundred pages. Now multiply that with several cases, and then with several other lawyers. Contracts, leases, patents; a lawyer’s livelihood rests on an endless stack of paper.

    Meet Mr. Peter Lim, Canon’s Resident Engineer who’s been servicing one of Singapore’s largest law firms over the past decade. Given the sheer scale of paper-based processes involved with any legal practice, their office boasts a fleet of 67 Canon multi-function devices.

    When the time came for the organization to upgrade their office equipment this year, they chose to stick with Canon. Much of this had to do with the happy relationship they had with Mr. Lim. Pleased with the support he has been providing for years, it serves as a reminder that clients don’t just purchase our products, but the relationship that comes along with it.

    We sat down with Mr. Peter Lim, who has been representing Canon at the esteemed law firm for the past decade. Gentle and soft-spoken, his perseverance has earned him his customers’ invaluable trust. We take a closer look at his duties as an Engineer.

    What is a typical day at work like for you?

    Every morning I report straight to our client’s office. If I don’t receive any word on machine faults, I will go about my usual maintenance routine – with 67 machines running, there are always maintenance checks to be conducted. More critically, if I receive a sudden notice of an issue, I make it a point to address the problem immediately.

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    I would say, the opportunity to interact with a variety of customers is what I look forward to most. Dealing with customers all day also challenges me in terms of technical skills and product knowledge – even after 30 years in this field, I continue to learn something new every day. At the same time, I see every interaction as an opportunity to build rapport with my customers. My superiors are always actively educating us on the five tenets of service – knowledge, skills, attitude, effort and relationship.

    What are some of the challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcome them?

    At times, customers get frustrated when their machines malfunction, so I see it as a challenge to win them over with the service I provide. I try to approach situations with empathy; I see things from the user’s point of view and approach the issue from there. At the end of the day, my responsibilities go beyond addressing technical faults but ensuring the satisfaction of every customer.

    Of course, situations arise where I’m unable to locate the source of a problem. That’s when I seek assistance from the team, and usually, we’ll get the problem solved very quickly. We work as a team, all of us, and I’m very proud of that.

    Getting to Know: Mr. Peter Lim, Engineer, Corporate Service Division

    Why have you chosen to work with Canon for so many years?

    I’ve been at Canon for nearly 20 years. I choose to stay at Canon because over here, I work with a bonded and committed team. From management to on-the-ground service staff, everyone cares about the personal and professional well-being of their fellow colleagues. We’re just like a big family here, working towards a common goal – if the company grows, we grow.

    Despite technology evolving so radically over the years, Canon has ensured we receive continuous training to keep up with the times. The technology used to consist of information in analog form, but now we are equipped for the digital age. I do enjoy keeping up-to-date with technology because, through that, I get to expand my skill set, meet new people and gain new experiences.

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