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    Cyber-security: A Must-have, Not Just a Good-to-have

    Cyber-security: A Must-have, Not Just a Good-to-have

    Cyber-security has become a hot topic with the rise in cyber attacks and personal data infringement cases in recent years. But in today’s day and age, what precautions and measures should companies take to truly ensure that their business is protected against these threats?

    Appearing on Money FM 89.3’s podcast segment “Business Forward with Canon”, Sim Beng Hai, Technical Sales Manager of APAC at ESET Asia Pte Ltd, shares more on the importance of security in today’s business landscape. A leading IT security vendor, ESET has grown from a pioneer of anti-virus protection to creating award-winning threat detection technologies. You can listen to the podcast here.

    What Does Cybersecurity Mean to Businesses?

    Cyber threats have evolved since their prevalence in the early stages of the Internet. Today, having a secure business doesn’t just mean installing a firewall on your local computers. Beng Hai asserts that companies not only need to secure their hardware but also their data, digital, and network security.

    But what exactly does security mean for businesses? To Beng Hai, having a secure business not only prevents potential financial loss; it also prevents a loss of reputation, reinforcing the company’s credibility and ability to adapt to an evolving environment. This security also puts customers’ minds at ease, making them more inclined to work with, or purchase from, your enterprise.

    Beng Hai highlights that while we are living in a complex digital society, many common threats still involve non-digital means. Threats such as phishing scams often see perpetrators gaining information from face-to-face conversations or phone calls, and many surprisingly fall prey to such scams. These dangers are evolving at an exponential rate, and organisations need to detect them before they do any lasting damage.

    The Importance of Security

    Clearly, there are real-world repercussions to having a poorly secured business. Today, Beng Hai notes, cyber-security is a “must-have”, not “good-to-have”. Government bodies are also more aware of the importance of cyber-security. With laws such as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in place, good cyber-security practices are essential and necessary.

    Across the globe, the EU has also passed a law on data protection and privacy for their own citizens, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Businesses who have ties with the EU have to invest in the right cyber-security tools to adhere to this regulation. If they have not already done so, they should be engaging the right partners and ensuring that they are compliant. Beng Hai notes that while this regulation was passed mainly to protect EU citizens, non-EU members will also benefit from this more robust structure and have peace of mind that data will be kept private and confidential.

    Partnering with ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ESET

    As an award-winning IT security company with almost two decades of experience in this field, ESET is familiar with the latest cyber-security trends and threats in our ever-evolving digital landscape. They provide a wide range of enterprise solutions beyond basic anti-virus software, delivering comprehensive anti-malware to safeguard your business while being in compliance with the law.

    For example, their End Point Encryption software helps companies meet data security obligations by enforcing encryption policies on data such as hard drives and media files. ESET also uses methods such as two-factor authentication to reduce the risk of security breaches caused by weak or leaked passwords.

    ESET also has a passion for IT security – their employees are continually improving themselves to keep up with, and outsmart, cyber threats. Furthermore, their company also ensures ethically sound practices are enforced, with their employees having strong morals so as not to exploit vulnerabilities identified in their line of work. Their work also extends to educating the public on the latest threats and industry trends through publishing research papers as well as updating the ESET blog. As reiterated by Beng Hai, their goal is to ensure that what they do allows businesses and consumers to make the most of the digital world, not fear it.
    ​​​​​​​Your business can be secure with the right partners, such as ESET or Canon. Here at Canon, we are fully aware of the challenges that businesses face today, such as the increasingly worrying trend of cyber attacks, and have the tools to help protect your company from such risks. Equip your company with Canon’s full suite of security solutions and together with us, make the seamless transition to a secure organisation. Contact our sales professionals to find out more.

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