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    Core Values and Beliefs for a Successful Team

    Core Values and Beliefs for a Successful Team

    by Vincent Low

    Vincent Low, Director & General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions, concludes his three-part series on the importance of team building for success in any organisation. His first article discussed the importance of building team culture in an organization, and the second listed key factors required to foster strong bonds among your team members. This article will follow-up with three core values that he subscribes to, and how each tenet is integral for your team to achieve success. ​

    Over the years, working with young, energetic and dedicated people have taught me that a common set of core values not only fosters a strong team culture, it also determines the success of the team. Working together and striving towards a specific goal is much easier when you have a set of precepts that impact your attitudes and choices.

    What is important to note is that these principles have to be succinct, simple to understand, and easily remembered, all while embodying the ambition and aspirations that the team has. For my team and I, these core values can be summed up in 3 words – Believe! Excel! Celebrate!, with the exclamation point for added emphasis. Let me elaborate more by breaking down what each word means.


    “It’s the repetition of affirmation that leads to Belief. And once Belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”
    – Muhammad Ali

    The first thing that each member has to do is to believe – in each other, in the team, and in himself or herself. Like this quote by Muhammad Ali, it is until a thought becomes a conviction that plans turn into tangible actions. This fundamental motivation often results in game-changing mindsets, spurring each individual to achieve greater things.

    Without beliefs, any team would be soulless; there would be no common ground to build a team of champions. To believe that nothing is impossible, to be fearless in our pursuit of reaching the top – that is a strong conviction for any individual, and an even stronger creed for a team.

    My colleagues and I reinforce this core value by regularly sharing key wins with each other, sharing factors to success and according to recognition to those who have excelled. This not only acts as a learning platform for others, but also inspires them to dare to achieve.


    Even though one may have strong convictions, these are nothing without actions. That’s where the core value of Excel! comes in.

    One important aspect of excelling is making sure to set big goals, not impossible ones, to challenge and push the team to achieve greater heights. This works hand-in-hand with the previous core value, as one has to have deep-seated beliefs and be committed fully to reach for excellence.

    But greatness cannot be achieved alone – after all, no man is an island. The individual and team both have to invest a lot of energy and constantly support each other to hit these targets. With this system in place, team members will spur each other on, working together to overcome odds and obstacles that might stand in the way of success. A taste of this success will be enough to make anyone motivated and hungry for more. From personal experience, the feeling of being the best and setting new personal bests can be the biggest adrenaline rush anyone can feel.

    Besides teamwork, it can be good to have a little office rivalry too – one that is regulated and fun, of course. My office has a beautifully designed board that records every sales win by my Champion team. Each member has their name on the board, and their sales contributions will be updated regularly. Granted, this chart can be stressful for some, but without a little pressure and competition, we will be less motivated to exceed expectations and do better than our personal best.


    Finally, after all the hard work has been done, there’s only one thing left to do: celebrate the team’s achievements and efforts. This is a key core value that should not be left out. Undeniably, the team’s journey towards the end of every project involved a lot of planning, preparation, and struggle. It is crucial for the whole team – including the team leader – to take a break after attaining key milestones.

    As a team leader, recognising and rewarding the team for their confidence and stellar results go beyond sharing words of gratitude and commendation. For my team and I, a lot of effort goes into planning these celebrations. From awarding medals every month and hosting quarterly dinner parties for Champions, to giving out high-value prizes such as all-expense paid trips around the world, these rewards boost the team to work harder. It also brings me joy to see happy faces all around.

    Besides celebrating successes, this will also be a good time for the team to recharge and foster closer bonds between the team members. At these events, we also share experiences and learn from failures, egging each other on to improve and grow. These bonding sessions are a great opportunity to build team spirit and pride.

    ​​​​​​​“Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.” – John C. Maxwell

    Building a team culture is a never-ending winding road. There will be days of sunshine, followed by a few rainy days, and even the occasional slip and fall onto muddy grounds. But it will be a positive experience where you and your team will grow, learn and most importantly, impact lives.

    To Infinity and Beyond!

    Core Values and Beliefs for a Successful Team

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