Giving back to the community

Canon believes in being socially responsible and we are actively involved in various projects. These projects include reaching out to the less fortunate and being an active patron of sports, as well as a leading supporter of environmental conservation efforts.

Canon Photography Exchange

Canon Photography Exchange

Inspired by our corporate philosophy, kyosei, Canon Singapore started the Canon Photography Exchange programme in 2006, which draws on our expertise in digital imaging, to bring a delightful learning experience to intellectually-challenged people. Photography is one of the many ways that Canon and teachers believe can help these people express themselves freely and creatively.​​​​​​

​​The four special needs schools under the programme include APSN Centre for Adults, APSN Katong School, APSN Tanglin School and Metta School. Activities organised under this programme include photography workshops, photography contests, and photography-related workshops & outings.

Canon Singapore Coastal Cleanup


As part of Canon Singapore’s efforts to raise awareness on the impact of pollution and how we can do our part to help the environment, a beach cleanup activity was organised at the East Coast Park in November 2019. 

Canon staff and family members covered a costal stretch of 1.45 km during the session. On top of being an educational activity, in particular for young family members of Canon staff, the activity saw the group rounded up bags of litters that posed threat to the marine life and the environment.

Canon PhotoMarathon for All 


The Canon PhotoMarathon 2019 has taken an exciting new spin by being held in the heartland for the first time. The venue at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) was specially chosen to get closer to the community.

In line with the objective of Canon PhotoMarathon and our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, to promote an inclusive society, the event was extended to a special group of participants from the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) schools. The students were delighted to be part of the action for Canon PhotoMarathon where they could freely express their creativity and imagination through the lenses.


Partnership with Singapore Bowling Federation

Canon also contribute to the community wellbeing through its strong support for sports activities.

One excellent example is the 12 years long-standing partnership with Singapore Bowling Federation (SBF), which helps local bowlers realise their full potential at international events like the Asian Games Champion and the World Bowling Women’s Championships. 

This long term sponsorship enables SBF to develop more customised programmes to help athletics, and at the same time elevate the popularity of bowling as a national sport in Singapore.

Environmentally-conscious products, manufacturing and logistics

Efforts include energy and resource conservation, elimination of hazardous substances, increasing transportation efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions and utilising product-packaging materials with low environmental burden. Ink and toner cartridges are collected and recycled through the Project Homecoming initiative. Find out more about our Environmental Initiatives.

Increasing environmental awareness

Increasing environmental awareness

To cultivate staff awareness and habits to protect the environment, Canon Singapore, as well as all the offices under Canon Asia Marketing Group, participated in the Earth Hour campaign every year, in March.

Staffs were encouraged to participate in Earth Hour by turning off their home lights. This received an overwhelming response with staff voluntarily pledging their support. Earth Hour pledging raised the awareness of climate change and everyone can make a big difference in saving energy.