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VB-S900F MKII, a compact box type network camera, featuring a medley of cutting-edge technologies that promise vantage viewing round-the-clock, business owners can finally put their security concerns to rest. From precise optics, advanced detection technology, and user-friendly interface of the bundled software, the latest Canon network cameras will tackle your monitoring requirements, big or small.

  • Fixed-focus, f/1.6, 96° wide angle lens, 4x digital zoom lens
  • Multi-pixel full-HD streams supported (1920 x 1080)
  • Excellent low light capabilities


Equipped with DIGIC DV III (image processor) and DIGIC NET II (video compression and streaming processor)

VB-S900F MKII offers exceptionally high quality, low noise, vivid colour reproduction, and smooth gradations as a result of the 2 processors. The DIGIC DV III processor generates powerful high-definition video while the DIGIC NET II provides transmission of the video recording in full HD.


The IEEE802.1X authentication standard is supported to prevent unauthorized connections by allowing the authentication server to establish connections based on the authentication replies from clients. The following authentication protocols are supported by this series.

  • EAP-MD5: Uses ID and password for authentication
  • EAP-TLS: Uses digital certificates for authentication
  • EAP-TTLS: Uses authentication developed by Funk Software
  • EAP-PEAP: Uses ID and password for authentication developed by Microsoft

Set of 3 Video Sizes

New video sizes, 720p and 4:3 video sizes have been added to the existing full-HD (1080p) video size. This makes it possible to select the video size best suited to the situation or network environment.

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