Compact Fixed Dome with Pan / Tilt functions for any small scale deployment

The VB-S31D is equipped with the bright F1.6 wide angle lens providing a panoramic view of 95°, and compact electric Pan / Tilt to enable adjustment of viewing angle remotely.

  • 2MP, Full HD (1920 X 1090) supported
  • Features 8 in-built intelligent analytics for proactive surveillance
  • Versatile for any installation directly on the ceiling or wall surface without other accessories.


Wide Angle Lens with Low Distortion

Equipped with a bright F1.6 wide angle lens providing a panoramic view of up to 95° while maintaining low distortion and bright image even in low light environment.


Auto Smart Shade Control (Auto SSC)

Auto correction of bright and dark areas over the change of ambient light due to day to night, seasonal or environmental changes.

Auto SSC compensates for image areas that are too dark or bright in real time, enabling details to be properly captured.


Mobile Camera Viewer

Easy monitoring from anywhere, everywhere with the support of mobile devices through URL input.

Monitoring area and camera operations such as panning, tilting and zooming can be controlled from mobile terminal so users will not lose sight of their area of interest while performing remote monitoring.


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