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High Speed Wide Angle 360° Endless PTZ (Indoor)

Canon's new line up effortlessly delivers high quality detailed images with a wider angle for live precision monitoring and your recording.

  • HD, 2.1MP (1920 x 1080) supported
  • 62.6° angle of view
  • Up to 600x magnification
  • Max Speed @ 450° per sec


Covering Every Angle

With 360° continuous rotation, 30x Optical Zoom, 62.6° wide-angle view, 180° tilting with automatic image flipping, and 450° per second high-speed precision pan / tilt mechanism, users can be assured they will receive accurate tracking and monitoring at any angle of surveillance area.


Sharp & High Quality Image

Powerful zoom lens usually give rise to chromatic aberration which affects the sharpness and image quality. Adopting High-UD Lens suppresses the secondary spectrum and controls distortion to produce natural-looking footages across zoom range.


Intelligent Functions for Smart Monitoring

Pro-active surveillance with the newly added intelligent functions to alert any possible intrusion, track targeted subject or detect suspicious screaming* in secluded hallway.


Other Newly Added Features

Haze Compensation to enhance image visibility under challenging conditions


Up to 256 Presets for automatic patrolling and surveillance


Drag to Move, Area Zoom & CCMT that empowers user with easy and convenient control of cameras


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