Professional A3+ Photo Printer for Photographers

Ideal for printing vibrant and glossy photos.

  • Print
  • Photo Speed (4 x 6"): 34 sec (borderless)
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0, Wireless, Wired LAN, Wireless PictBridge, AirPrint



  • Free Gifts:  Limited Edition Doraemon Bag (Polka Dot) worth $149 + $40 voucher
  • Student Exclusive: Additional Prolink USB Charger worth $59

Last Redemption Date : 31 Mar 2020

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and conditions apply to all promotions listed; free gifts while stocks last!

  • Canon reserves the right to amend and terminate any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • All promotions and free gifts are only for purchases made between 15 Jan 2020 - 1 March 2020.
  • Last date of redemption is 31 March 2020.
  • Not valid with any other promotions.
  • Limited to max. 2 redemptions per customer per day.
  • Dealers are not allowed to claim on behalf of customers.
  • Applicable to purchases from Canon Singapore Authorised Dealers only.
  • Images of free gifts for illustrations purposes only; actual product may differ.
  • For redemption, please produce original warranty card & receipt at Canon Customer Care Centre (CCCC):
    1 Fusionopolis Place
    #02-20 Galaxis (West Lobby)
    Singapore 138522
  • To redeem for students promotion exclusive gifts, please provide Valid Student Identification, Original Receipt and Original Singapore warranty card.  


OIG system

OIG system

This technology allows ensures the perfect print every time, by managing the balance of inks and precise ink droplet placement.

A3+ borderless printing

Showcase your prints in the best way possible with professional, borderless prints on a wide range of papers, up to the size of A3+.

Wifi and ethernet

Wifi and ethernet

Print with convenience from anywhere in your home or office with a smart device.

Compatible Software

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Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Black)
SGD 24.25
Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Cyan)
SGD 24.25
Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Grey)
SGD 24.25
Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Light Grey)
SGD 24.25
Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Magenta)
SGD 24.25
Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Photo Cyan)
SGD 24.25
Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Photo Magenta)
SGD 24.25
Ink Cartridge CLI-42 (Yellow)
SGD 24.25

Business Paper

High grade white paper for general office use. Good opacity eliminates show-through with double sided copying and printing.

A4 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.10
A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.70
A3 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 12.60
A3 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 13.80

Canon Recycled Zero (FSC)

Canon Recycled Zero (FSC) is a quality paper produced with 100% post-consumer waste, without optical whiteners. This paper enables excellent run-ability and is designed for broad range of home and office applications for customers where the environment is of vital importance.

A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 9.50

FA-SM1 Premium Fine Art Smooth

  • Smooth Texture
  • Heavy weight fine art paper
  • Ideal for studio and special event photos
  • Grammage - 310g/m2

A4 25 sheets
SGD 53.00
A3 25 sheets
SGD 110.00
A3+ 25 sheets
SGD 140.00

HR-101N High Resolution Paper

  • Coated paper
  • Produces brilliantly coloured text and graphic
  • Grammage – 106g/m2

A4 50 sheets
SGD 15.15
A4 200 sheets
SGD 45.85
A3 20 sheets
SGD 11.10

LU-101 Photo Paper Pro Luster

  • Fast drying time
  • Consistent look and colour under display lighting
  • Ideal for studio and special event photos
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Grammage - 260g/m2

A4 20 sheets
SGD 22.90
A3 20 sheets
SGD 45.90
A3+ 20 sheets
SGD 59.90

MP-101 Matte Photo Paper

  • Non-reflective surface
  • Suitable for fine art photo printing; capable of producing monochrome images with neutral tone
  • Colours last up to 15 years
  • Grammage – 170g/m2

4 x 6” 120 sheets
SGD 20.25
A4 50 sheets
SGD 20.25
A3 40 sheets
SGD 35.65

PM-101 Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte

  • Superb for warm colour reproduction
  • Perfect tonal gradations in mono printing
  • Smooth, non-glare matte surface
  • Excellent match for PIXMA Pro printers
  • Matte-Finish
  • Grammage - 210g/m2

A4 20 sheets
SGD 16.90
A3 20 sheets
SGD 36.90
A3+ 20 sheets
SGD 45.90

PP-201 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II

  • Excellent Photographic Result
  • Glossy Finish. Vibrant Colour
  • Looks and Feels like a traditional photograph
  • Colours last up to 30 years
  • Grammage - 265g/m2

4 x 6” 20 sheets
SGD 6.20
A4 20 sheets
SGD 13.40
A3 20 sheets
SGD 37.90
A3+ 20 sheets
SGD 49.90

PP-208 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II

  • High quality photo paper
  • Ultra-glossy finish
  • Grammage - 270g/m2

4 x 6” 20 sheets
SGD 5.00
4 x 6” 100 sheets
SGD 15.00
A4 20 sheets
SGD 12.00

PT-101 Photo Paper Pro Platinum

  • Professional Photographic Result
  • Ultra Glossy and Heavyweight
  • Colours last up to 300 years
  • Grammage - 300g/m2

4 x 6” 20 sheets
SGD 14.90
A4 20 sheets
SGD 29.90
A3 20 sheets
SGD 78.90
A3+ 10 sheets
SGD 49.90

Premium Paper

Premium white paper with consistent performance and reliability for high quality volume copying and printing. Produced using 100% Eucalyptus fibre offering high bulk and opacity.

A4 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 5.90
A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.50
A3 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 13.50

SG-201 Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss

  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Grammage - 260g/m2

4 x 6” 20 sheets
SGD 7.00
4 x 6” 50 sheets
SGD 15.00
A4 20 sheets
SGD 19.00

Standard Paper

Canon Standard is made for high volume and quality printing while keeping the running cost competitive. Ideal paper for your daily high intensity printing needs.

A4 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 5.80
A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.40
A3 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 12.00
A3 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 13.20

Tints Paper

Tints are evenly spread throughout the paper so every square centimeter on both sides of the paper has the same perfect colour. Canon Tints provide the perfect solution for every kind of business applications. For prints that are impressive, eye catching and vividly expressive. Suitable for copiers, laser printers and inkjet printers.

A4 80gsm (Ice Blue) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70
A4 80gsm (Medium Green) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70
A4 80gsm (Yellow) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70

Top Colour Zero Paper

Top Colour Zero papers undergo a special surface treatment during manufacture. The high degree of whiteness and satin gloss gives colour prints a distinctly vivid appearance. Excellent running characteristics allow processing from the paper tray of all colour copiers and laser printers making it ideal for business applications.

A4 (90gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 16.00
A4 (100gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 18.00
A4 (120gsm) 500 sheets/ream (4/ctn)
SGD 22.50
A4 (160gsm) 250 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 15.00
A4 (200gsm) 250 sheets/ream (4/ctn)
SGD 19.00
A4 (250gsm) 250 sheets/ream (4/ctn)
SGD 27.00
A3 (90gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 32.00
A3 (100gsm) 500 sheets/ream (4/ctn)
SGD 36.00
A3 (120gsm) 500 sheets/ream (4/ctn)
SGD 45.00
A3 (160gsm) 250 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 30.00
A3 (200gsm) 250 sheets/ream (4/ctn)
SGD 38.00
A3 (250gsm) 250 sheets/ream (4/ctn)
SGD 54.00
A3 (300gsm) 125 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 44.00
All prices above are recommended retail price in SGD, unless otherwise stated.