Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS)

Canon’s intelligent all-in-one Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS) comprises a full suite of integrated temperature screening solutions in a single device. Automatic contactless temperature screening with facial detection allows businesses/facilities to efficiently keep track of their employees and visitors for contact tracing purposes. Equipped with infrared thermography, the device is able to achieve a highly accurate reading of the user’s body temperature with a deviation of ±0.3℃ for safety and peace of mind.
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Integrated All-In-One Solution

  • Dual-lens camera for facial recognition with liveness detection
  • Infrared Thermography with accurate reading of the user’s body temperature ±0.3℃
  • NFC Card Reader
  • Barcode Card Scanning
  • Built-in Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Records / Database Management System

  • Convenient and easy contact tracings via synchronisation of records to the back-end stored data management system
  • Able to store up to 100,000 data
  • Easy data export
  • Data extracted can also be used for time attendance report

Easily Accessible Functions

  • Flexible deployment with either standalone or Central Management System
  • Efficient and safe passing by fast, accurate and contactless flow
  • Alert of abnormal temperature in forms of voice messages, lighting and more
  • Built-in digital health / travel declaration forms

System Expansion with Scalability

  • Access and manage visitor records with ease via multiple tablets located at multiple sites via the Central Management System
  • Can be installed as a standalone system, work parallel with existing door access systems, installed and replace risky existing contact-based access systems or integrated with existing systems, e.g. turnstile, visitor reception systems, attendance system, Canon’s UniFLOW Managed Print Management environment and many more
  • Efficiently and safely manage both incoming and outgoing visitors with accurate body temperature monitoring

Single Contact Temperature Scanning with Canon's FACTS

Contactless Temperature Scanning with Canon's FACTS

An 8-inch tablet which combines the functions of a camera, infrared thermography, near-field communication (NFC) device, barcode scanner and data storage to facilitate digital check-in for businesses.

Note: FACTS can also be deployed to facilitate the use of Singapore’s national digital check-in system, SafeEntry, to help retail stores, offices and other businesses comply with safe management measures at the workplace.

Media Coverage by CNA on FACTS (published on 18 June 2020)
Headline: COVID-19: New solution helps keep a copy of data before sending it to SafeEntry
News Link: Click here
Credit: CNA

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