Product Photography

31 Jul 2021
SGD 300.00


This is a workshop for small business owners, e-commerce retailers, bloggers, and aspiring product photographers. Led by one of the industry leading expert, the participants will learn first hand the fundamental knowledge of product photography.

The instructor will share his experience and skillset required to shooting an actual product for ecommence, website/blog etc. Upon completion, participants will gain the necessary skillset and knowledge required for product photoshoot.


1 Fusionopolis Place, (Level 3, Training Room) Galaxis (via East Lobby)
Singapore 138522



July Intake (31 Jul 2021)

Workshop Session


Students are expected to have completed our Basic Photography course or have good knowledge of the following:-

  • Functionalities of your personal DSLR or any interchangeable lens camera system or compact camera
  • Photography foundation (i.e. you know the difference between f/2 and f/22, why you would choose one over the other and knowing when shots turn out all blurry, you can troubleshoot to shoot again to get it sharp)
  • Comfortable working/shooting with manual (M) mode on your camera.

Module 1

  • Introduction to Product Shooting
  • Equipment use in product photography
  • Speedlites, Strodes, Hot lights and LED
  • Different setup for different products
  • Choosing your equipment
  • How different products (color, material, and texture) respond to different types of light
  • Product styling/presentation

Module 2

Hands-on session

  • Setting up equipment
  • Normal table-top shooting
  • Product Light-tent shooting

Module 3

Lesson 03 – 02 hours

Hands-on Session

  • Photography table shooting
  • Product flat lay shooting

(IMPORTANT: Please read before you register) Refer here for additional notes on Photography Courses/Outings.

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David Lawrence Lim

David Lawrence Lim

Taking good photographs begins with making a good coffee. It helps if one is prepared to help carry equipment, paint the walls and sweep the floor too. So discovered Lawrence Lim, who decided to step out of his comfort zone and pursue a career in video and photography over a decade ago. Having worked on film, video and photography sets, Lawrence has garnered a wealth of experience in all three genres, with especial fondness for lighting. Lighting, whether natural or artificial, is key to an inspiring image. He has captured a multitude of life's most memorable moments. His photographs have been published in various magazines, while his videos can be seen on TV. The way he sees it, an image - still or moving, fabricated or documented - is all about reflecting personal vision and aspiration.

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