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    Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility Software turns Cameras into High-quality Webcams
    Compatible with 42 Canon cameras, the EOS Webcam Utility software promises to boost users’ online meeting experiences.

    Canon Unveils the Full Production Version of EOS Webcam Utility Software

    SINGAPORE, 17 September 2020 — Canon announced today the full production version of the EOS Webcam Utility software for Windows, which helps people boost their online meeting experiences by transforming Canon cameras into high-quality webcams.

    Earlier this year, Canon announced a beta version1 of the EOS Webcam Utility software, which was compatible with 25 models of cameras. Today, there are 42 cameras in the Mirrorless, DSLR and PowerShot range that can be utilised as a high-quality webcam for online meetings on a Windows computer. This includes the newly launched mirrorless cameras, Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6.

    While online meeting has quickly become the norm over the past few months, not many people working from home had access to a high-quality webcam, or let alone, a standard webcam. This hindered the meeting participants from connecting with one another through high image quality video communication. Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility software addressed this key issue directly by allowing users to turn their cameras into high-quality webcams.

    Transforming the Camera into a High-quality Webcam
    Users only need to take three key steps to transform their Canon cameras into high-quality webcams.

    1. Download and install the Canon EOS Webcam Utility software.
    2. Connect the camera to the computer via a USB cable.
    3. Under the video settings of the web conferencing app, switch the camera to the Canon camera.

    A full video guide for the Canon EOS Webcam Utility software for Windows can be found here.

    The 42 Canon cameras that can be turned into high-quality webcams

    EOS R5 EOS 5D Mark III EOS 100D PowerShot SX70 HS
    EOS R6 EOS 5D Mark IV EOS 200D PowerShot G7 X Mark III
    EOS M200 EOS 5DS EOS 200D II PowerShot G5 X Mark II
    EOS M50 EOS 5DS R EOS 600D
    EOS M6 Mark II EOS 6D EOS 700D
    EOS R EOS 6D Mark II EOS 750D
    EOS RP EOS 7D EOS 760D
    EOS Ra EOS 7D Mark II EOS 800D
    EOS-1D X EOS 60D EOS 850D
    EOS-1D X Mark II EOS 70D EOS 1100D
    EOS-1D X Mark III EOS 77D EOS 1200D
    EOS-1D C EOS 80D EOS 1300D
    EOS 90D EOS 1500D
    EOS 3000D

    The new production version of the software will work with the tested2 video conferencing applications as well as streaming applications including:

    Zoom Facebook Live
    Skype YouTube Live
    Microsoft Teams Discord
    Cisco Webex Streamlabs
    Google Meet Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
    Google Hangouts Slack
    Facebook Messenger

    Moreover, users who desire to record a high quality video file onto the memory card in their camera while video conferencing or streaming can now do so3 by simply pressing the record button on their camera instead of through the software.

    To download the full production version of the EOS Webcam Utility software for Windows and learn how to use it, visit

    While the current version of the software only supports Windows 10, a full production version for macOS is underway.

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    More information is available at

    1 This beta version was officially released in USA.
    2 Tested if the EOS Webcam Utility is selectable as a video source and the video feed is displayed properly.
    3 Restrictions may apply depending on camera specifications such as maximum video recording time up to 29 minutes 59 seconds.

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