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Access the Arizona Advantage with Arizona 135 GT - Canon Singapore

    Access the Arizona Advantage with Arizona 135 GT


     Access new, profitable business opportunities with stunning applications on a vast range of media with
    ​​​​​​​the Arizona 135 GT UV true flatbed printer

    SINGAPORE, 29 June 2021 — Canon today launched the new Arizona 135 GT flatbed printer, offering sign makers and print service providers a smart technology investment to fulfil new business opportunities. Whether you are starting out in the rigid applications large format graphics industry or are looking to diversify into new applications, the Arizona 135 GT delivers the proven benefits of the award-winning Arizona series – high image quality, impressive productivity and reliability, application versatility and excellent total cost of ownership – at a smart investment level. Manufactured in Poing, Germany, with the same industrial-build quality and heritage as other Arizona models, the Arizona 135 GT further demonstrates its value by being able to create impressive applications across an extensive range of not only rigid media but, with its Roll Media Option, of flexible media too.

    Designed for outstanding productivity and application versatility, the easy-to-use Arizona 135 GT produces exceptional image quality. This is due to its VariaDot greyscale printing technology, which uses advanced drop size selection techniques to deliver photo-realistic images. With the ability to handle substrates of up to 125 x 250 cm in size and up to 50.8 mm thick and to print at speeds of up to 34.2 m²/hour, the Arizona 135 GT is a smart investment for customers with a print volume from 2,000 m² per year.

    The productivity of the Arizona 135 GT is enhanced by its easy-to-use functionality, including nesting, batching of complex jobs, step and repeat, mirroring and re-assignment of print modes. With accurate print registration, errors can be avoided and valuable time can be saved, with the ability to make last-minute adjustments at the printer. With uptime being crucial to any print operation, the Arizona 135 GT incorporates a number of service features to maximise availability: Automated Maintenance System provides hands-free printhead maintenance and selectively restores nozzle function in seconds, while On Remote Service allows the user to authorise remote assistance by experienced service technicians, ensuring the highest possible uptime.

    Access High-margin Applications on Huge Media Range
    Thanks to Arizona flatbed technology and its UV-LED curing, a vast range of durable applications are achievable on rigid or flexible media with standard or porous surfaces, including glass, aluminium and other metals, canvas, wood, MDF, cardstock, ceramic tiles and plastics. The optional Arizona Static Suppression Upgrade Kit also enables the Arizona 135 GT to print on hard plastic materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate and styrene, while the Arizona Classic high-pressure vacuum system provides extremely reliable media hold-down during printing, even for warped rigid media. Even more opportunities are accessible with the flatbed printer’s field-upgradeable Roll Media Option. This allows users to produce flexible media applications up to 220 cm (86.6 inches) wide or 50 kilograms (110.2 pounds) in weight, including thin and heat-sensitive media, and to run roll-to-roll jobs unattended overnight.

    Elevate Creativity with Arizona Xpert Prepress Software
    The Arizona 135 GT comes with Arizona Xpert prepress software, enabling the design and production of high-value applications with ease. Including ready-made “recipes” for easy-to-create applications, the software allows users to exchange “recipes” directly with customers, so that designers can preview the end product with a 3D view in the Arizona Xpert Extensions, minimising design errors. The Arizona approach to first-time-right printing leads to less waste and fewer costly mistakes which, in turn, leads to better overall margins and faster turnaround times. Arizona Xpert also offers further high-margin opportunities for elevated printing functionality – the ability to print applications with layers that total up to 0.4 mm.

    Access a Sustainable Flatbed Printing Solution
    The Arizona 135 GT’s VariaDot technology uses variable drop sizes from 6 to 30 picolitres. On top of producing pin-sharp images, the Arizona printing process consumes as much as 50% less ink than regular flatbed printers, making the Arizona 135 GT environmentally friendly and cost efficient. The device’s environmental credentials also include the use of UL GREENGUARD Gold certified inks for any indoor applications, such as in schools, hospitals and retail stores – and the low emissions make for a healthier printing environment too. Additionally, the Arizona 135 GT features low-energy consumption as a result of its Instant-On functionality and minimal warm-up time due to its LED lamps. Other energy saving features include its standard voltage power supply, energy-efficient curing process and power-efficient vacuum pumps. Finally, the new Arizona will, in time, be included in the Arizona Remanufacturing Programme, giving a second life to a very sustainable flatbed printer.

    Steve Ford, Managing Director, Production Printing Asia, Canon Marketing Asia, comments, “As a family of flatbed printers, the Arizona has become renowned for its image quality, productivity, reliability and application versatility, achieving multiple awards and resulting in over 7,500 installations worldwide. As the latest member of the fifth generation of Arizona printers, the Arizona 135 GT offers users the same core technology and benefits of its mid-volume siblings at an attractive investment level and we’re confident that it will again prove to be as popular as its predecessors with customers.”

    For more information on the Arizona 135 GT, visit: https://asia.canon/arizona135gt

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