Intermediate Nature Photography


This Intermediate course picks up from where our Basic Photography left off. It will cover more technical and creative aspects for students to gain better understanding of the thought process during photo making.

From a close-up photo of an interesting spider, to the breathtaking view of the Singapore Sunrise, award winning photographer Joseph Goh will show you how it’s done. He will share his knowledge on choosing the right equipment and how to set it up correctly to get the winning shot.

**Please note that for lesson 3 practical, participants will have the option to enter the flower dome at Gardens by the Bay for photo taking if the entire class is agreeable. (Entrance ticket will be borne by the course participants.)


1 Fusionopolis Place, (Level 3, Training Room) Galaxis (via East Lobby) Singapore 138522



Students are expected to have completed our Basic Photography course or have good knowledge of the following:-

  • Functionalities of your personal DSLR or any interchangeable lens camera system
  • Photography foundation (i.e. you know the difference between f/2 and f/22, why you would choose one over the other and knowing when shots turn out all blurry, you can troubleshoot to shoot again to get it sharp)
  • Comfortable working/shooting with manual (M) mode of your camera 

Lesson 1

2.5 hours classroom duration

Introduction to Nature Photography genre 

Technical proficiency

  • Camera gears & accessories (including filters etc)
  • Exposure control (re-cap) & recommended settings
  • Flash vs Natural Light (for close-ups)
  • What & how to pack for the practical shoot*

Core skills

  • Composition & exploring various perspectives
  • Lighting factors to consider for outdoor photography
  • Tips & tricks to photograph for different styles
  • Long exposure photography

Lesson 2

5 hours outdoor practical*

  • Gather for sunrise shoot
    Quick brief on the venue & demonstrate photo-shoot workflow by instructor
    Commence shooting from "blue hour" till "golden hour"
  • 15 mins break
  • Head over to 2nd shooting point for macro photography
  • Setup gears & commence shoot till time's up (inclusive instructor's demonstration)

*Additional note: Students are recommended to prepare food and drinks as the practical shoot stretches over meal times. Instructor will give suggestions for every student to prepare

Lesson 3

5 hours outdoor practical*

  • Meet for flower photography at Gardens by the Bay-Flower Dome. (Participants have to purchase their own entrance tickets)
    Quick brief on venue by instructor
    Thematic shoot for 2.5 hours inclusive
  • 15mins break
  • Proceed to 2nd thematic shoot - sunset shooting point & walk about with instructor on the venue
  • Commence sunset shoot from "golden hour" till past "blue hour".

*Additional note: Students are recommended to prepare food and drinks as the practical shoot stretches over meal times. Instructor will provide preparing suggestions for every student. Also note that any entrance fees to venue for practical session will be borne by the course participants.

Lesson 4

2.5 hours classroom duration

  • Photo review
  • Identify your shooting style
  • Demonstration of basic photo retouch in nature photography
  • Q&A
  • Wrap-up

Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Workshop is open to all camera brandusers (mirrorless / DSLR cameras)
  • Registration must be made via this website on a first-come-first-served basis. No reservation entertained.
  • The detailed information on venue and outing will be informed to participants during the first lesson.
  • Entrance fees to any venue during practical session will be borne by the course participants. Course instructor will advise further during the first lesson.
  • Participants must bring their own cameras, lenses, filters, tripod & charged batteries.
  • Canon Singapore Ptd. Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any injuries or mishaps during the workshop.
  • In the event of workshop cancellation due to unexpected circumstances, Canon Singapore Ptd. Ltd. will refund participants on their paid fees.
  • Canon Singapore Ptd. Ltd. reserves the right to make any other amendments without prior notice.

Important Notice

  • We are located at: 1 Fusionopolis Place, (Level 3, Training Room) Galaxis (via East Lobby) Singapore 138522
  • Please proceed to the Galaxis East Wing lobby reception in exchange (bring along your ID card with photo) for lift access to Level 3 Canon training office.
  • Registration starts 10mins before the class commenceand please be punctual.
  • Training venue will only be operational during scheduled classes.
  • There will be safety measures in place - temperature scanning, hand sanitization and requirement of wearing mask for all attending participants.
  • We reserve the right to deny entry for the safety of all participants, should there be anyone unwell or unable to follow the safety measures in place.
  • Please register for a training session as there is NO walk-in training entertained.
  • For enquiry, please email us at
  • We seek your understanding that all emails will be correspond within the next business day. If you have any further enquiry, please contact our Customer Service hotline at 6799 8686 during office hours from Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm.

Payment via CASH, PAYNOW or NETS/Credit Card.

Please register online and we will email you the payment details 1-2 working days once we received your registration.

Joseph Goh

Joseph Goh

Joseph is an international award-winning photographer. As an Associate of Master Photographers Association (UK) & The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, he has achieved various accolades from The Master Photographers Association (UK), International Photography Awards (US), FEP European Professional Photographer Awards and recently, he has been crowned the Hasselblad Masters 2014. Since 2009, he has clinched numerous awards in international photography competitions. Driven by the urge to make his mark, he’s spent the time since then acquiring the skills he needs to run his business and entering numerous international competitions, success in which has helped him to acquire an international reputation. He has also taken part in many exhibitions, while his work has been widely published in magazines all around the world.

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