Océ PlotWave 450/550

Designed for pure performance

As the world leader in wide format, technical document plotters, printers, copy and scan systems, Océ has set the market standard for productivity, instant operation, reliable performance and ease-of-use. More than 170,000 Océ PlotWave printers sold underscore the popularity of this brand. The Océ PlotWave 450 and 550 printer recently added the iF Gold Design Award, known as the Design Oscar, to its long list of industry awards to date for its amazing beauty and simplicity.
Designed for pure performance, the new Océ PlotWave 450 and PlotWave 550 printing systems build on our proven technology to offer new levels of security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Ideal for workgroups who want a dependable and productive system to handle a large amount of wide format documents – quickly and smoothly. The one to rely on to print faster, share faster and finish projects faster, while fully safeguarding your confidential information.



Enjoy reliable, worry-free operation

One look and everyone immediately knows how this system works. The Océ ClearConnect multi touch panel works like a tablet so there is zero learning curve. A powerful line-up of features is designed to simplify complex document production. Océ application is Windows-based job submission software that helps you to create, print and
manage sets of technical documents in an intuitive way.

The Océ Wide format Printer Driver for Windows makes it much easier to print complex drawings correctly the first time from your software programs thanks to a What You See is What You Print preview that highlights potential errors before printing. Extra convenience is built in. Plots are neatly collated and stacked on the Top Delivery Tray at an ergonomic height. You don’t have to wait around for prints. The Océ Delivery Tray stacks up to 150 sheets, up to 42 inches wide, ready when you are. Another practical time saver is the fully integrated Océ PlotWave folder, which generates quality folded documents automatically to keep your desk clean and organized. .

Get great results time after time

Like the entire award-winning Océ PlotWave family, these systems are made for the professional CAD environment. You get high quality black and white document sets that look great and stand up to intensive use on and off-site thanks to our water fast prints and next evolution in print quality. It produces even better, more consistent quality documents. Copying and scanning results are superb as well; Océ Image Logic® automatically compensates for wrinkles, folding lines and light colours to produce superior results. Operational costs are kept low with the hard working construction that outlasts many comparable systems. Critical components are completely enclosed to reduce wear and tear. Reinforced materials extend the system’s lifetime and withstand intensive walk-up usage.

Safeguard your security

Protect confidential information with the latest FIPS 140-2 certified security features supported by a Windows 8 embedded platform and our POWERsync controller. The open interface of the POWERsync controller also enables the printer to fit smoothly into existing software, like PlanWell Collaborate, uniFLOW, and hardware without worrying about operational or security issues.

Unique Technology

The Océ PlotWave 450/550 Unique Technologies. 

Océ Radiant Fusing technology provides the most efficient way to fuse toner onto paper. It provides instant start-up and uses half the energy of comparable systems.

Océ Radiant Fusing
Océ Radiant Fusing is an Eco friendly fusing method providing instant-on machine availability with no warm-up time. It consumes less energy and emits less noise and ozone when compared to other fusing methods. In addition to the environmental benefits, it also provides incredible, consistent quality. During the Radiant Fusing process, the toner melts and is fused to the media via heat rising from a grid of wires, without distorting the image.
Océ Colour Image Logic
Océ Colour Image Logic consistently turns imperfect originals into perfect copies (reproduction of text, photos and fine drawings) in colour the first time and scans without the need for any user interference. This saves a lot of time since the process of copying and scanning is a very time-consuming task.
Océ ClearConnect
Now printing is as clear and easy as using a tablet with our new Océ ClearConnect multi-touch user panel. You can pan, zoom, swipe, spread and much more. Pull up a document, zoom and pan to different areas. See the orientation of documents with a live preview while scanning or copying to avoid errors. Save time with the easy shortcuts.


Océ PlotWave 450/550 – eco-friendly, productive large format printer 

Not only is it designed and manufactured in an eco friendly manner, but it enables you to create a sustainable printing environment.

  • Lowest energy consumption in its class
  • Low noise and ozone emissions
  • Compatible with recycled media
  • Parts re-use and recycling
  • Easy-to-use – minimizes trial & error waste
  • Components are designed for re-use and recycling to minimize landfill
Increase your business opportunities by using eco-friendly products. Océ PlotWave 450/550 is the ideal solution for eco-friendly printing of architectural and engineering drawings.

Configurations and Related


Unsurpassed configurability
Océ PlotWave 450/550 gives you the options to create the right printing solution – from occasional CAD copying to high volume production printing. 

Printer - Base configuration of 2 rolls with a standard integrated receiving tray on top of the system 
  • Up to 4 rolls media option
  • Colour Scanner option
Flexible Finishing
  • Océ Delivery Tray – for higher volume printing and copying, with tray at the back of the print engine with maximum capacity of 150 printsO
  • Reliable Océ PlotWave folder, for high volume folding needs;  up to 600 folded pages delivery capacity with optional reinforcement unit and optional belt unit
  • Ability to connect to existing TDS folders


Related software
Additional software to boost your productivity
Print job submission / workflow

  • Océ Publisher Select – Supporting various file formats like PDF, TIFF and DWF files etc
Tracking activities
To track printing and copying activities, Océ offers Océ Account Center enabling allocation of large format costs to projects or departments. 
All prices above are recommended retail price in SGD, unless otherwise stated.