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People Counter

Canon's very first Video Content Analysis (VCA)

Connecting and interpreting data from live / recorded videos & images, Canon's People Counter is suitable for mid to large scale counting of up to 1,500 people for Full HD video & 7,000 people in 4K still image.



People Counter

  • Automatically analyze and count the total number of people present in videos and images
  • Allow users to specify specific area within the videos/images for counting and analysis.
  • Capability to analyze up to approximately 1,500 people in a Full HD video and 7,000 people in a 4K still image


Passerby Counter

  • Allow users to specify a line in any part of the video/image and analyzes the people count that crosses it
  • Accounts of the people crossing in either directions.


High Accuracy in Human Detection

By combining Canon's expertise in the imaging technology and through comprehensive analysis and study on human characteristics database & pattern, high accuracy in detection is achieved.

People Counter is able to accurately count people when they are back or side facing the camera, as well as in low light condition for both indoor and outdoor setting.


Highly Scalable and Flexible to Integration

Besides operating independently for people counting applications, Canon's People Counter can also be integrated with 3rd party solutions to summarize raw data into graphical analysis, trigger notification for efficient crowd management as well as catering to various requirements of users' needs.

Developed to work with any network cameras, the People Counter is available as a standalone PC software, Plug-in version for Milestone Systems' XProtect® and Common Line integrate with other solutions.

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