Moving Object Mask

Protecting the privacy of individual under the surveillance monitoring is equally important. Moving Object Mask, a plug-in for Milestone XProtect® Smart Client, addresses the privacy concerns as it embeds any moving object with a silhouette effect. This allows privacy-monitoring movement. Different login rights with viewing access can be assigned accordingly by the administrator.

  • Embed any moving object with silhouette effect
  • Different access setting based different on login rights


Smart analytics to Protect High Sensitivity Area

Smart Analytics to Protect High Sensitivity Area

While administrator applies the masking to the video, the configured area can still be monitored in the original video i.e. monitoring store registers, off-limits areas of museums, etc. Original video is recorded by Milestone XProtect® Server and silhouetted video is viewed with Milestone XProtect® Smart Client. Silhouette video can also be output as JPEG format at specific intervals.

Different Access View for Different Login Rights

Different Access View for Different Login Rights

You can restrict settings and displays according to different login access rights in Milestone XProtect® Smart Client. Users with administrator rights can view the video in both normal setting and silhouette masking.  In the event to uncover any critical incident, administrator can stop silhouetting for video playback.

Complementary with Other Plug ins 

Complementary with Other Plug-ins

Besides applying Moving Object Mask, it complements with other plug-ins like People Counter. This allows grasping the degree of congestion (human counting) while being sensitive of their privacy. By visualising the degree of congestion and the flow of people, you can understand the situation from afar and contribute to management's measures to reduce congestion.