imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500i Series

New flagship colour series boosting intelligent features

The first colour series from the new generation, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500i series redefines how multifunction device works. With speeds up to 60ppm, enjoy enhanced productivity through intelligent document workflow and personalisation.

  • A3 Colour
  • Print speed of up to 60/60 pages per minute (CL/BW)



Personalised User Experience

The new 10.1 inch WVGA, vari-angle user interface incorporates smart-phone like gestures like swiping and pinching for an intuitive experience. 

Streamline work processes with My ADVANCE, where users can personalise settings such as, initial login screen or language for a greater user experience. In addition, My ADVANCE settings can be integrated across the new generation of imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices via My ADVANCE Synchronisation. Users can benefit from the same level of personalisation amongsta fleet of up to ten different devices.

Intelligent technology

Canon's V2 colour imaging technology delivers outstanding colour quality. Be impressed with vivid and vibrant quality prints time after time. 

Businesses today desire smart office solutions that make work life simpler. The Intelligent Recovery on the iR-ADV C5500i series uses an infrared motion sensor, to assess if it should recover from sleep when approached, providing greater convenience for users.

Cost Management

Prevent unintended printing output such as incorrect quantities and finishing with Force Hold Print feature. It allows users to preview and edit print settings before releasing the temporarily held print jobs at the device, reducing paper wastage and saving users the hassle of re-submitting print jobs in an effort to increase cost and workflow efficiencies.

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Additional Info for Accessories

Other Optional Accessories and Supplies
Cassette Feeding Unit-AM1
Paper Sizes A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5, B5R, A5R, Foolscap, India Legal, F4A
Custom Size: 98.0 x 182 mm to 304.8 x 457.2mm
Paper Weight 52 to 256gsm
Paper Capacity 550 sheets x 2 (80gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 620 x 700 x 251mm
Weight Approx. 22.5kg
High Capacity Cassette Feeding Unit-A1
Paper Sizes A4
Paper Weight 52 to 256gsm
Paper Capacity 2,450 sheets (80gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 620 x 700 x 251mm
Weight Approx. 30kg
Paper Deck Unit-F1
Paper Sizes A4, B5
Paper Weight 52 to 256gsm
Paper Capacity 2,700 sheets (80gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 344 x 630 x 44 mm
Weight Approx. 31kg
Inner Finisher-H1
Number of output tray 2
Paper Weight 52 to 300gsm
Top Tray Capacity 45 sheets (A4 / B5 / A5 / A5R 45 / A3 / B4 / A4R / B5R)
Lower Tray Capacity 500 sheets (A4 / B5 / A5 / A5R)
250 sheets (A3 / B4 / A4R / B5R)
Max. Stapling Capacity/
Available Staple Size
Corner and Double
A4 / B5: 50 sheets (52 to 90gsm)
A3 / B4 / A4R: 30 sheets (52 to 90gsm)
ECO-Staple A3 / A4 / B4 / B5:
5 sheets (52 to 64gsm)
4 sheets (65 to 81.4gsm)
3 sheets (81.5 to 105gsm)
Staple-on-Demand 40 sheets (80gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 466 × 525 × 225mm
Weight Approx. 8.6kg
Staple Finisher / Booklet Finisher-Y1 (Optional)
Number of output tray 2
Top Tray Capacity 250 sheets (A4 / B5 / A5 / A5R)
125 sheets (A3 / B4 / A4R / B5R )
Lower Tray Capacity 3,000 sheets (A4 / B5 / A5 / A5R)
1,500 sheets (A3 / B4 / A4R / B5R )
Paper Weight Top Tray 52 to 256gsm
Lower Tray 52 to 300gsm
Capacity Per Tray Corner and Double
A4 / B5: 50 sheets (52 to 90gsm)
A3 / B4 / A4R: 30 sheets (52 to 90gsm)
ECO-Staple A3 / A4: 5 sheets (52 to 64gsm)
4 sheets (65 to 81.4gsm)
3 sheets (81.5 to 105gsm)
Staple-on-Demand 50 sheets (90gsm)
Saddle Stitch
(For Booklet Finisher-Y1 only)
20 sheets x 10 sets (52 - 81.4gsm)
(Including 1 cover sheet up to 256gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) STAPLE FINISHER-Y1:
637 × 623 × 1,142mm
(When the extension tray is extended)
637 × 623 × 1,142 mm
(When the extension tray is extended)
Weight STAPLE FINISHER-Y1: Approx. 31kg
Other Optional Accessories

- 2.5inch / 1TB HDD-P1
- 2.5inch / 250GB HDD-N1
- 2 / 3 Hole Puncher-A1
- 2 / F4 Hole Puncher-A1
- ADF Access Handle-A1
- Barcode Printing Kit-D1
- CARD SET-A1 (1-30)
- CARD SET-A2 (31-100)
- CARD SET-A3 (101-200)
- CARD SET-A4 (201-300)
- CARD SET-A5 (301-500)
- CARD SET-A6 (501-1000)
- Copy Card Reader Attachment-B5
- Copy Card Reader-F1
- Copy Control Interface Kit-A1
- Copy Tray-J2
- Document Scan Lock Kit-B1
- Fiery Compose
- Fiery Impose
- Fiery Impose And Compose
- HDD Mirroring Kit-J1
- IC Card Reader Box-C1
- Inner 2 / 3 Hole Puncher-B1
- Inner 2 / F4 Hole Puncher-B1
- Inner 2Way Tray-J1
- IP Fax Expansion Kit-B1
- MiCARD Plus Proximity Card Reader
- NPG-71 Toner BK / C / M / Y
- Paper Deck Unit-F1
- PCL Asian Font Set-A1
- PCL International Font Set-A1
- PS Printer Kit-BE1
- Remote Fax Kit-A1
- Removable HDD Drive Kit-B1
- Removable HDD Kit-AL1
- Serial Interface Kit-K3
- Stamp Ink Cartridge-C1
- Staple Cartridge - Y1
- Staple-P1
- Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board-AS1
- Super G3 3rd / 4th Line Fax Board-AS1
- Super G3 Fax Board-AS1
- Tab Feeding Attachment Kit-B1
- Universal Send Advanced Feature Set-H1
- Universal Send Digital User Signature Kit-C1
- Utility Tray - B2
- Voice Guidance-G1
- Voice Operation Kit-D1


Related Consumables

Business High Grade Paper

High grade white paper for general office use. Good opacity eliminates show-through with double sided copying and printing.

A4 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.10
A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.70
A3 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 12.60
A3 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 13.80

Canon Recycled Zero (FSC)

Canon Recycled Zero (FSC) is a quality paper produced with 100% post-consumer waste, without optical whiteners. This paper enables excellent run-ability and is designed for broad range of home and office applications for customers where the environment is of vital importance.

A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 9.50

Premium Paper

Premium white paper with consistent performance and reliability for high quality volume copying and printing. Produced using 100% Eucalyptus fibre offering high bulk and opacity.

A4 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 5.90
A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.50
A3 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 12.30
A3 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 13.50

Standard Paper

Canon Standard is made for high volume and quality printing while keeping the running cost competitive. Ideal paper for your daily high intensity printing needs.

A4 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 5.80
A4 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 6.40
A3 (70gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 12.00
A3 (80gsm) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 13.20

Tints Paper

Tints are evenly spread throughout the paper so every square centimeter on both sides of the paper has the same perfect colour. Canon Tints provide the perfect solution for every kind of business applications. For prints that are impressive, eye catching and vividly expressive. Suitable for copiers, laser printers and inkjet printers.

A4 80gsm (Cream) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70
A4 80gsm (Ice Blue) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70
A4 80gsm (Lavender) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70
A4 80gsm (Medium Green) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70
A4 80gsm (Yellow) 500 sheets/ream (5/ctn)
SGD 10.70
All prices above are recommended retail price in SGD, unless otherwise stated.