Intelligent Capturing Solution - IRIS

Intelligent Capturing Solution - IRIS

Canon’s Capturing Solution – IRIS

Scan, capture, sort, classify and index any document and automatically export them to the right place in your business application.

  • Sort documents and extract valuable data from documents
  • Populate extracted data into your Information Management Systems or document workflows automatically with the extracted indexes
  • Value-add to a variety of business processes like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Digital Mailroom and more

High-speed Scanning

  • High volume scanning, classification and indexing
  • Scan/import from any input device or watched folder
  • Export indexed and compressed files in any format to any destination

Data Extraction and Document Indexing

Extracts data from scanned documents through OCR (optical character recognition), BCR (barcode recognition), PCR (patch-code recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition) and OMR (optical mark recognition).

Extracted index fields can be easily mapped to systems.

Intelligent Recognition

Uses powerful technology for layout recognition to learn the appearance of various documents and perform identification, sorting and classification without the need for text, labels, barcodes or any other conventional method.

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