Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS)

This intelligent all-in-one Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS) comprises a full suite of integrated temperature screening solutions in a single device. Automatic contactless temperature screening with facial detection allows businesses/facilities to efficiently keep track of their employees and visitors for contact tracing purposes. Equipped with infrared thermography, the device is able to achieve a highly accurate reading of the user’s body temperature with a deviation of ±0.3℃ for safety and peace of mind.

  • All-in-one contactless temperature screening with facial access
  • Link seamlessly with National Digital check-in System, SafeEntry

Key Features

Contactless and Fast Check-in Process

Step 1

Step 1

Visitors’ face will be detected and have their temperature screened via the infrared thermography during check-in when they stand within 0.5 to 0.7 metre away from the device.

Step 2

Step 2

If the visitor’s temperature is within a predetermined range, a green text box will be shown to indicate that the visitor has passed the temperature screening, accompanying by an automated voice message which says, “temperature normal”.

Step 3

Step 3

To complete the check-in process to Safe Entry, visitor can easily scan the QR code on their TraceTogether Token at the scanner or launch the TraceTogether App and scan the QR code displayed on the device.

Integrated with a Barcode Scanner and a NFC Reader

Able to scan different types of ID cards

Scan visitors’ identification cards such as NRIC, student ID, work permit, driver’s license or TraceTogether Token at the barcode scanner.


The device is able to scan the QR code on latest TraceTogether Token and allow scanning of QR code on the device from TraceTogether App.

NFC capability

Staff can check into their workplaces with their company identification cards with the device’s NFC reader.

Secure and Centralised Management System

Configure FACTS to store local data to record daily entries and exits of visitors and staff (with their company identification cards using the device’s NFC reader) securely, with only last four digits of the visitor’s identification number will be stored in the log (if activated).

Directly Link to National Digital Check-in System, SafeEntry

This solution can also be integrated with the latest SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) device to facilitate direct check-in to SafeEntry for higher risk venues such as retail stores, shopping malls and other businesses.

High Flexibility to Install in Various Types of Environment

Can be installed as a standalone system, work parallel with existing door access systems, installed and replace risky existing contact-based access systems or integrated with existing systems, e.g. turnstile, visitor reception systems, attendance system, Canon’s UniFLOW Managed Print Management environment and many more.

Customisable and Scalable for Multi-Purpose

1. Ability to connect with Door Access System, integrated with temperature’s trigger alert to control door access.
2. Ability to connect to Visitor Reception System for visitor’s registration.
3. Ability to connect to uniFLOW log-in System.​
4. Ability to use as an Attendance System with facial, temperature, time and other information captured.

Single Contact Temperature Scanning with FACTS

Contactless Temperature Scanning with FACTS

An 8-inch tablet which combines the functions of a camera, infrared thermography, near-field communication (NFC) device, barcode scanner and data storage to facilitate digital check-in for businesses.

Note: FACTS can also be deployed to facilitate the use of Singapore’s national digital check-in system, SafeEntry, to help retail stores, offices and other businesses comply with safe management measures at the workplace.

Media Coverage by CNA on FACTS (published on 18 June 2020)
Headline: COVID-19: New solution helps keep a copy of data before sending it to SafeEntry
News Link: Click here
Credit: CNA

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