Panel device production (supporting 5th to 5.5th generation)

With the expansion of the market for large-size LCD-TV, the size of mother glass is also increasing through each generation. Balancing the increase in TV screen size with productivity of investment has become an important equipment development issue. The DL3x00 PVD equipment embodies a new equipment concept combining the features of conventional in-line type equipment with those of the cluster type. The DL3x00 Series with the following features, promises to promptly support the ever expanding eight generation requirements.


Delivers high throughput through simultaneous deposition on two substrates using vertical transport method

Enables heterogeneous material layering process of up to 3 types/chamber with the use of original multi-triangle cathode and reduces installation space

Compatible with the sub-32nm node or less damascene gate formation process (High-coverage deposition with the PCM-PVD method)

All prices above are recommended retail price in SGD, unless otherwise stated.