Canon Expands UHDxs Lineup of High-end Portable Zoom Lenses with the CJ20eX5B, Designed for 4K Broadcast Cameras - Canon Singapore

    Canon Expands UHDxs Lineup of High-end Portable Zoom Lenses with the CJ20eX5B,
    Designed for 4K Broadcast Cameras


    ​​​​​​​20x zoom ratio ・ 5 – 100 mm focal length

    SINGAPORE, 24 September 2020 — Canon announced today the launch in Japan of a new addition to its UHDxs series of portable zoom lenses for 4K broadcast cameras employing 2/3-inch sensors. The CJ20eX5B offers a 20x zoom ratio with a focal length of 5 mm at the wide end while achieving superb 4K optical performance throughout the entire zoom range. Delivering high optical performance, the CJ20eX5B creates immersive and high-quality visual expression of content such as sports broadcasting and programming content filmed on-location. With the addition of this new lens for 4K broadcast cameras, Canon helps support a wide range of user needs.

    The CJ20eX5B features a wide-angle focal length of 5 mm—ideal for capturing expansive scenes including full stadium views—while also providing a 20x zoom ratio that accommodates a range of frequently used focal lengths up to 100 mm. On top of this, the lens is equipped with a built-in 2x extender that enables users to quickly double the focal length up to 200 mm while preserving fine visual details.

    While delivering 4K optical performance, the CJ20eX5B achieves a compact and lightweight design comparable to HD camera lenses, weighing only approximately 2.24 kg1 and measuring approximately 166.3 mm (W) x 110.8 mm (H) x 251.7 mm (D). As such, the lens maintains the high levels of maneuverability required while reducing operation stress during production.

    The CJ20eX5B utilizes fluorite, UD and super UD lens2 elements, all optimally arranged in a proprietary optical configuration. This allows for excellent suppression of chromatic aberrations such as color bleeding and fringing to achieve excellent image quality all the way to the peripheral areas of the image.

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    1 For the CJ20eX5B IASE S. The CJ20eX5B IRSE S weighs approximately 2.16 kg. The CJ20eX5B IASE S is equipped with a focus servo motor, while the CJ20eX5B IRSE S is not.
    2 A lens element utilizing ultra-low dispersion (UD) glass. Super UD lenses realize further improvements in performance over UD lenses.

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